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Three Reasons Every Pet Parent Needs a Smart Home

Leave home with peace of mind that your furry friend is safe at home with pet friendly smart home upgrades.

by ecobee on 08/10/2021 in Smart Home & Tech

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Mother and child keeping an eye on their dog in the backyard.

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After more than a year spent at home, many families are transitioning back to the office and back to school. ecobee SmartOwners are leaning on smart home technology to get into the swing of new routines as easily as possible. Adapting to a new schedule can often be hardest on pets. Whether you’re a new pet parent or a seasoned dog dad, transitions can often be troubling for our furry friends. A smart home solution can be your second set of eyes and help you feel connected no matter where you are. Here are three reasons why every pet parent needs a smart home upgrade.

We recently got the new ecobee SmartCamera with voice control and it is perfect for checking on the pup while at work.

- @brianarosejones, ecobee SmartOwner

1) Find out who is really breaking all the rules.

Did the dog really eat your kid’s homework? And who has been letting the dog on the couch? Stay in-the-know with an ecobee SmartCamera with voice control. Busy pet parents can’t be everywhere so now you really can have an extra set of eyes.

If your family’s routines are changing this fall, it may be challenging for dogs who have become accustomed to people being home more than usual over the last year. To avoid any unwanted rule breaking, set your pup up for success when you leave them unattended. Have their favorite toys, doggy puzzles, and cozy bed easily available so you never catch them misbehaving when you hit replay.

Even better? The ecobee SmartCamera is on sale just in time for back to school, until Aug. 19.

2) Keep your pet comfortable while you’re at work.

Temperature control isn’t just for humans. Make sure your ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control has the Comfort Settings set to doggy-friendly temperatures while you’re away from home. The ecobee app makes it easy to check-in on the go.

While an ideal temperature can vary depending on the size of your dog, if there is an extreme heat warning, you’ll want to keep your pet comfortable while you’re at work. According to the American Kennel Club, “Most dogs begin to show signs of overheating when the air temperature is between 81- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit.”

3) Two-way talk with your dog.

Missing those mid-day dog snuggles? Your four-legged friend might be missing the company of their human, too. If you notice your dog is cuddling or chewing your belongings while you're gone, they might just miss you during the day. ecobee SmartCamera with voice control offers two-way talk to help stay connected and ease the transition to new routines. If ecobee Smart Security alerts you to any sudden Activity Zone changes, simply use the ecobee app to two-way talk with your dog and divert any unwanted behavior.

SmartCamera is there to connect you to the people and puppies that matter most!

- @beauty_and_the_beaker, ecobee SmartOwner

Make returning to old routines easy. An ecobee smart home solution can help ease the transition and offer peace of mind that your pet is safe when you’re away from home. With ecobee Smart Security you can also keep videos from as far back as 30-days, allowing you to share any funny or important photos and clips with family and friends. The ecobee app is your on-the-go window into your home no matter where you are.

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