Smart home integrations

ecobee devices work in harmony with all of your favourite smart home platforms, so you can control your home, your way.

Exterior of a house at dusk
Logo for Apple Homekit - "works with Apple Home"

Apple Homekit

Works with Thermostat and Camera

"Hey Siri, what's the humidity inside?"

  • Control multiple devices with Scenes
  • Set it and forget it with Automations

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How to connect
Amazon Alexa logo -  "works with Alexa"

Amazon Alexa

Works with Thermostat and Camera

“Alexa, set the thermostat to 22 degrees."

  • Create routines to streamline your day
  • Get more done with Alexa Groups support

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Logo for Google - "Works with Hey Google"

Google Assistant

Works with Thermostat

"Hey Google, what's the temperature in the baby's room?"

  • Create routines to streamline you day
  • Get help with common everyday tasks

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Logo for IFTTT - "Works with IFTTT"


Works with Thermostat

Add ecobee applets to your IFTTT (If This Then That) automations and workflows for better comfort and control.

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Logo for SmartThings - "Works with SmartThings"


Works with Thermostat

Automate your comfort and save energy by adding your ecobee devices to your SmartThings scenes and routines.

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