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Intelligent security to protect your home and family.

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See how Smart Security protects your home.

ecobee Smart Security uses advanced sensor technology to alert you to possible break-ins or fire. Control your comfort and security right from your thermostat, and keep your whole home connected.

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Get self-monitored peace of mind.

Control your ecobee Smart Security right from the app. SmartThermostat lets you arm and disarm your home, and you can check in on SmartCamera’s live video feed from anywhere. Our sensors keep you updated about any unexpected activity in the home with entry and motion alerts.

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    Know the kids got home safely.

    Smart Security recognizes your family’s phones and will notify you when loved ones arrive home. Disarm the system with one tap.

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    Get smarter alerts.

    Receive an alert when a sensor detects entry or motion while the system is armed, or when SmartCamera or SmartThermostat detects the sound of your smoke alarm.

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    Install by yourself in minutes and get support when you need it.

    Set up your smart home security system in minutes, and connect with Alexa and Apple Homekit seamlessly. Not the DIY type? Our support staff is ready to help.

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“The system does nearly everything I need—and nothing I’m uncomfortable with.”

Get the plan that fits your home.

Smart Security features
All features require a smart thermostat or SmartCamera
$125/year (save $43)
$70/year (save $14)

Never miss a thing with 30 days of video storage from SmartCamera. Video is stored with alerts for easier review in case of an emergency.

Works with:

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Unlimited cameras2One camera

SmartThermostat and SmartCamera use advanced Wi-Fi and geofencing technology to understand when your home is empty or occupied and will remind you to arm or disarm your system.

Works with:

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When a sensor detects motion or that a door is opened unexpectedly, you’ll receive an alert to your phone. Smart Security is intelligent enough to know what family members are home, so you won’t get unnecessary alerts. In case of an incident, Smart Security will notify a monitoring center agent. This upgrade requires the Complete plan with professional monitoring enabled.

Works with:

A door with ecobee SmartSensors, with a notification from the ecobee app with an activity alert.
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SmartThermostat and SmartCamera can detect the sound of a smoke alarm and notify you. This feature listens to the noise of your smoke alarm and does not replace the need for a smoke detector in your home. Smart Security will also alert emergency services. This upgrade requires the Complete plan with professional monitoring enabled.¹

Works with:

Smoke near a smoke detector, with a notification from the ecobee app saying Smoke Alarm Alert.
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ecobee Smart thermostats are engineered to save up to 26%⁴ on energy costs. Smart Security automatically pauses heating or cooling when SmartSensor detects that a door or window has been left open for more than 5 minutes.

Works with:

ecobee SmartSensors on a door, with a notification from the ecobee app saying a door or window is open.
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Smart Security is intelligent enough to know what family members are home in order to provide peace of mind and prevent unnecessary alerts.

Works with:

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SmartThermostat with voice control or ecobee 3 lite paired with a sensor required.

How it works
Stay protected if there’s an unexpected entry.

An ecobee SmartSensor on a partially open door.
  1. Smart Security detects an issue via the SmartCamera or sensors when the system is armed.
A hand holds a phone with a notification from the ecobee app on screen.
  1. You get a notification on your phone that there has been unexpected activity.
an ecobee SmartCamera sits on a table.
  1. Check in on your SmartCamera’s live feed from your phone and act accordingly.

See what went bump in the night.

Get the complete picture with 30-day video storage from your SmartCamera that’s synced with motion and entry alerts from your sensors.

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Sustainably designed to save energy for you and the planet.

  • Smart Security doesn’t rely on a keypad or fob, so there’s fewer devices produced and less material waste.
  • ecobee devices are built to last and backed by an industry-leading 3 year warranty.
  • ecobee Smart Security combines security with comfort, and will pause heating or cooling when you open a window or door to save you energy. Once you close the entryway the HVAC will turn on again, automatically.
A hand reaches for an ecobee SmartCamera on a shelf.

Your privacy is paramount.

Data privacy and security is at the heart of ecobee products and services. With Smart Security, your account is kept safe with two-factor authentication. All of your video is uploaded and stored on an encrypted channel.

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Coverage for 2+ rooms

Ideal for the important main level rooms of your home. Gain peace of mind with greater awareness and control of who is home, what is open, and keep the important rooms of your home comfortable.

Product recommendation:
Whole Home Bundle - $479.99

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Already have an ecobee thermostat?

Add SmartSensor for doors and windows 2-pack and sign up for a Smart Security plan for enhanced comfort and security.

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ecobee devices are covered by a 3-year limited warranty.

Clarity when you need it

Our products are backed by our dedicated support team.

* $7/month on Standard plan and $14/month on Complete plan after free trial. No commitment. Plan automatically renews after trial until cancelled. Free trial not available in Quebec.
SmartThermostat with voice control or ecobee 3 lite paired with a sensor required.
¹ Based on a survey conducted by RapidSOS to emergency dispatchers from May 5, 2020 to July 5, 2020. Response times not guaranteed and may vary due to external factors.
² Complete plan offers video storage for unlimited cameras in one home.
³Connection to emergency services requires professional monitoring, which is currently in beta.
⁴ Compared to a hold of 72°F/22°C.

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