The more we grow, the greener it gets.

We invented the Smart Thermostat and kicked off a wave of innovation that has changed the way millions of people heat and cool their homes. That was just the beginning.

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Transforming everyday life and making a sustainable difference since 2007.

Our smart thermostats save their owners up to 26%* on heating and cooling and offer even bigger savings for the planet. To date:

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ecobee Smart Owners have saved the equivalent of 31.3 TWh of electricity, which is like taking all the homes in LA and Chicago off the grid for one year. 

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By heating homes more efficiently, ecobee thermostats have kept 6.2 million tons of CO2e out of the atmosphere.** That's like removing 1.3 million cars from the road for a year.

Learn how we calculate energy savings
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    2009: ecobee releases the world’s first smart thermostat, helping millions of people live more comfortably and sustainably.

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    2015: An internal study shows that ecobee smart thermostats pay for themselves, offering users up to 26%* savings on heating and cooling.

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    2016: ecobee thermostats are some of the first to be ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning they are guaranteed to provide energy savings.

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    2017: One-of-a-kind Donate Your Data program lets ecobee users share anonymized thermostat data with scientists building the clean energy grid and homes of tomorrow.

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    2019: Subsidized ecobee smart thermostats are helping more than 34,000 families lower their energy bills and fight energy poverty.

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    2020: eco+, a major software update, works with all ecobee thermostats released since 2014, allowing millions of users to participate in the green energy revolution.

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    2022: Launched two new thermostats with our most sustainable packaging yet, including tapioca starch trays which use significantly less water and energy to produce.

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    Onward: Our goal is to remove the complexity of running a modern home with smart devices that automatically save energy and positively impact the environment.

Comfort doesn’t need to be sacrificed to live sustainably.

— Stuart Lombard, CEO, President of Connected Devices & Services

Our approach
Changing the world, one home at a time.

Each of us has a role to play in the fight against climate change. With the right technology in the right hands we can all make a difference.

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    Energy conservation

    We build smart devices that help the planet.


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    Sustainability built in

    We reduce waste with long-lasting products.

    • The average lifespan of an ecobee thermostat is 4x longer than a smartphone.²
    • SmartThermostat is also a home monitoring hub and has Alexa Built-in, helping you do more and buy less.


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    A better tomorrow

    We empower customers and support communities.

    • The Donate Your Data program gives customers the option to share their anonymized data with energy scientists.
    • Researchers in Indiana used ecobee data to show smart thermostats could save the state up to $2.3 billion.


We keep thousands of our thermostats out of landfills and reduce e-waste by repairing and reusing them.

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Energy conservation
Simple changes add up to tons of impact.

The average household in the United States produces 7.5 tons of CO2 per year and over half of the energy used in most homes is for heating and cooling.³

Our ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostats and sensors have been invited into millions of homes because they guarantee lower energy costs by up to 26%* percent. That translates into an average annual saving of $292 per home, per year⁴ and billions of kWh of energy savings for ecobee users.

Explore our smart thermostats

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Sustainability built in
Engineered to last in your home, not a landfill.

We want our devices to become fixtures in your home. That’s why we future proof them with enough processing power to be useful for years to come. For example, eco+, our next-generation thermostat software, works with all ecobee thermostats released since 2014.
Learn more about eco+

All good things must come to an end. To cut down on consumption and e-waste, we design for easy disassembly and repair and resell thousands of thermostats per year.

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A better tomorrow
Building a healthier planet and society

Sustainability is more than energy conservation. We lighten our environmental impact and social impact by using more recycled plastics and materials that are ethically sourced in our products and wrapping them in fully recyclable packaging.

One in five families struggle to pay their utility bills. To help families fighting energy poverty, we have partnered with community housing organizations, cities, NGOs, and utility providers to donate hundreds and subsidize thousands of thermostats.

At ecobee, we build our products to the highest environmental and social standards. We are a proud member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), the world’s largest industry coalition dedicated to responsible business conduct in global supply chains. Click here) to read our policy regarding the Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act.


Welcome to the ecobee Home.

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A home that brings harmony to homelife.
As soon as you step out, the ecobee Home can adjust the temperature for energy savings, turn on cameras, secure exits with door and window sensors, and set the lights to make it look like someone’s home.

That helps the community.
To help keep the power flowing during a summer heatwave or winter cold spell, with eco+ ecobee thermostats can automatically adjust the temperature slightly when demand peaks. You’ll be rewarded for pitching in with a rebate from your utility provider.

And is ready for what lies ahead.
Experts say the world must be carbon-neutral by 2050 and that energy efficiency will play a key role. Our eco+ thermostat software intelligently pre-heats or cools the home when power is less expensive and cleaner. This is one way we are using technology to help bring about a brighter future. Learn more about eco+.

To see everything an ecobee Home can do, explore our product solutions.

The most affordable and cleanest energy choice we can make is not to waste it.

Learn how to lower your home’s carbon footprint

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* Compared to a hold of 72°F/22°C.

** Not inclusive of impacts delivered by eco+.

¹ Based on internal measurements of thermostat runtime data, as of 2024.

² Per the average lifespan of a smartphone in the United States is 3.17 years ( Based on internal measurements the average lifespan of an ecobee thermostat is 10 years.

³ Use of energy explained, U.S. Energy Information Administration (

⁴ Per Energy Star (, the average household spends $900 or more on annual heating and cooling costs. By lowering heating and cooling costs by up to 26%*, ecobee thermostats can save owners as much as US$234/CAN$292 annually on their energy bills. With an MSRP of US$169.99/CAN$219.99, the ecobee3 lite can pay for itself in less than a year.

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