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Save more on your energy bill, automatically.

eco+ features for ecobee Smart Thermostats boost your energy savings and elevate your comfort.

The eco+ setting may be the most valuable of the ecobee thermostat's features... The result is that ecobee can eke out maximum energy savings without any sacrifice in comfort."

— Roy Furchgott, Wirecutter, The New York Times

eco+ makes life more affordable.

Earn rewards and save on your energy bills. Energy-saving eco+ features help you save up to $284* per year on heating and cooling costs and earn up to $125 in rewards from your energy provider.

Learn more about rewards with eco+

eco+ makes life more comfortable.

Feel at ease knowing your home will be the perfect temperature when you walk in and saving money when you’re out. eco+ also monitors indoor humidity to ensure your home always feels like the temperature set on your ecobee smart thermostat.

eco+ makes life easier.

eco+ uses information about your home and community to make better energy choices. When your thermostat schedule doesn’t match your actual one, it will send you a new, more precise schedule, which you can accept with one tap, change, or save for later.¹ 

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Did you know?

To date, eco+ users have earned over $25 million in rewards for helping the grid use more clean energy.

eco+ makes life greener.

During peak energy hours, your energy provider may need to rely on less environmentally friendly sources to meet energy demand. eco+ Community Energy Savings precools or preheats your home during non-peak hours then slightly adjusts your thermostat to reduce energy use when demand peaks.

Earn up to $125 in rewards for participating. Learn more.

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eco+ makes the grid more resilient.

Heatwaves and cold snaps can cause power outages, impacting millions of households each year. You can help keep the lights on in your community by allowing eco+ to slightly adjust your thermostat to conserve during an emergency.

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Did you know?

The price of energy may vary by time of day and location. By automatically shifting heating and cooling to off-peak hours when power is cleanest and most affordable, eco+ Time of Use can help you save you save an additional 7–26% on cooling costs.2

See how eco+ works.

eco+ uses your routine, comfort preferences, local weather, and grid activity to improve energy efficiency and keep you more comfortable at home.

It includes 6 core features:

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    Adjust for Humidity keeps your home always feeling like the temperature you’ve set it to, thanks to precise indoor humidity detection.

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    Schedule Assistant monitors your thermostat schedule and recommends updates when your routines change.

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    Smart Home and Away automatically adjusts the temperature for energy savings when you leave home and restores to your comfort settings when you return.

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    Time of Use preheats or precools your home when energy is less expensive to reduce energy use during peak hours. It’s better for the grid and your wallet.

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    Earn up to $125 from your energy provider with Community Energy Savings. When energy demand in your area peaks, your thermostat will make minor adjustments to the temperature to help out the grid. Learn more.

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    Pause When Open automatically pauses your HVAC system when an entryway is left open for more than 5 minutes, reducing your energy bills while helping the environment.3

How to enable eco+.

When you add your thermostat to the ecobee app, you will be guided through eco+ setup. You can fine-tune your settings in the app anytime. When it's active, “eco+ is on” will appear on your thermostat’s home screen.

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*Based on an internal analysis conducted in April, 2021, ecobee customers in North America saved up to 26% on their heating and cooling costs. When you add up the average cost of electricity and natural gas used for heating and cooling ($1,091 USD/$1,490.52 CAD) and multiple it by 26% (ecobee’s savings claim) you get savings of up to $284/$388 (USD/CAD) per year. Annual savings will vary based on your energy use and location. Learn more about how we calculate savings.

1The eco+ Schedule Assistant feature requires an ecobee smart thermostat with built-in occupancy sensor (Smart Thermostat Premium, Smart Thermostat Enhanced, SmartThermostat with voice control, or ecobee4) or paired sensor (SmartSensor or Room Sensor).

2Based on a study conducted by a third-party consultant during June and August 2020 across the US and Canada. Savings vary by season, climate zone and rate structure.

3Works with ecobee SmartSensor for doors and windows and requires an ecobee Smart Security subscription. 

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