Smart Doorbell Camera (wired)

ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera on the edge of a door frame

Smart Doorbell Camera (wired)

Hardwired for a reliable view, no matter the weather.

Hardwired for a reliable view, no matter the weather.

The smart doorbell camera that sees what others can’t.

A better view of what’s happening at your door, right from the ecobee app.

  • See more at your door

  • Built to last outdoors

  • Only get alerts that matter

  • Connect your ecobee home

See more of what really matters at your door.

Our expansive 175° vertical field of view lets you see more, like packages pushed up against your door. Smart Focus pans the view to show visitors more clearly.

Get every detail, day or night.

Powerful sensors let the camera display color images longer as the sun goes down, and allow for high quality images in full darkness for peace of mind all night.

Designed to withstand the test of time for always-on security.

Smart Doorbell Camera is built without batteries so it can handle extreme temperatures, and backed by an industry-leading warranty.

A person looks at their front porch via the ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera on their phone. A notification saying "doorbell rang" is in the upper right corner.

Smarter alerts, fewer unnecessary notifications.

Smart Detection, powered by multiple layers of intelligence and advanced radar verification, means you only get notified for people and packages*, so your phone doesn’t send false alerts from passing cars or blowing leaves.

*Package detection requires ecobee Smart Security subscription.

A man walks his dog; two text bubbles say "Hello! I have a package for you" and "Thank you. Please leave it at the front door."

Answer the door from anywhere.

Get notified when you have a visitor, and greet them using two-way talk, right from the app.

Connect your ecobee home.

Check in live.

Never miss a visitor or be surprised by who's at the door, and check in live from your Smart Thermostat Premium.

ecobee smart camera doorbell shown with music notes around it, surrounded by ecobee smartcamera and thermostat

Chime in for a whole home experience.

Hear your doorbell chime through your speaker-enabled ecobee devices so you'll never miss the door.

the front porch of a house lit up at night with ecobee smart doorbell camera next to the front door. there are packages on the front step.

Get one month free
Upgrade your doorbell camera with an ecobee Smart Security subscription.

Unlock 30-day video storage, package detection, and rich notifications, for better peace of mind at your door from just $5/mo.

Learn more

Get the most out of your Smart Doorbell Camera.

Learn more about Smart Security.

ecobee Smart Security
No Plan
$70/year (save $14)
$125/year (save $43)

Talk to visitors such as delivery people and dogwalkers in real-time via the ecobee app or Live View with ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium.

A hand holding a phone with the ecobee app open, using two-way talk to speak to a person at their front door.
A green checkmarkA green checkmarkA green checkmark

Uses machine learning to detect people for fewer false alerts.

A hand holding a phone with the ecobee app open. The app screen is showing the front door view, with a woman standing at the front door.
A green checkmarkA green checkmarkA green checkmark

Never miss a visitor or be surprised by who’s at the door. Check in live on your Smart Thermostat Premium’s screen or in the ecobee app.

A Smart Thermostat Premium mounted on the wall, with the screen showing a woman standing at the front door, captured by ecobee's Smart Doorbell Camera.
A green checkmarkA green checkmarkA green checkmark

Never miss a thing with 30-days of video storage from Smart doorbell camera. Video is stored with alerts for easier review in case of an emergency. With no plan, your camera will only capture snapshots of motion/person events.

A hand holding a phone that has the ecobee app open, on the Video History page.
SnapshotsVideo for one cameraVideo for unlimited cameras²

Receive a notification when a package is picked up or dropped off.

A basket of fruit and vegetables sitting on the ground on a front porch.
A red dashOne cameraUnlimited cameras²

Get event snapshots on your lock screen. Tap and hold for a full-frame view and take immediate action with buttons to talk, play the siren, and dismiss.

A woman holding up her phone, who has received a rich push notification of someone standing at their front door.
A red dashOne cameraUnlimited cameras²

Protect your whole home and save with a bundle.

Total Security & Savings Bundle
$114.98 in bundle savings*
More details
More details
Home Security Bundle
$84.98 in bundle savings*
More details
More details

Integrations that make life easier.

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    Works with Alexa

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    Apple HomeKit


ecobee will never sell your data to anyone, and we keep your video content private with our two-factor authentication system. Your data is safely encrypted on-device before it's ever sent to the cloud.

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Go to our product installation page.

Features & Specs
See more at your door, day and night.

Get the full picture with an expansive field of view and only receive alerts that matter to you, with no false alarms. Smart Doorbell Camera is built to withstand extreme weather, so your home is always protected.

Set up easily, straight from the ecobee app.

Make sure your home is compatible.

Here’s what you need to make sure your home is ready:

An existing wired doorbell hookup

16 to 24 Volts AC

Power Rating of 10 VA or higher

High speed internet connection

Imagine what home could be.

See how Smart Doorbell Camera can transform your home.

Unveil security that’s designed to last on your home.

Purchase with peace of mind

Return it for free within 30 days for a full refund.

Free shipping

Receive it in 3 to 7 business days.

Warranties without worry

ecobee devices are covered by a 3-year limited warranty.

Clarity when you need it

Our products are backed by our dedicated support team.

² HomeKit Secure video is not supported.

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