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Three Climate Change Leaders to Follow on Social Media

We’ve found three climate change leaders on Tik Tok and Instagram who offer approachable tips and much-needed hope for our future.

by ecobee on 08/27/2021 in Better Planet

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Climate change impacts us all from each breath we take to the cities and towns we live in. The impact of climate change can be felt not only when it comes to natural resources, but to human health, the economy, and the future. This was made all the more apparent with the UN’s recent IPCC climate report, which found “changes in the Earth’s climate in every region and across the whole climate system” and declared a “Code Red for humanity.”

Understanding the severe impacts and urgency of the climate crisis, especially on already marginalized communities, Gen Z is eager to make decisions that can have a positive impact. Social media has given young people a platform to act on climate change and build communities with people all over the world. This offers an opportunity to not only combat climate change, but also the climate anxiety associated with facing natural disasters, bad news, and dire warnings. 

At ecobee, we know small changes from individual ecobee SmartOwners can add up to a big impact. In fact, ecobee SmartOwners have collectively saved 17.6 TWh of energy.* That’s like taking all the homes in Las Vegas off the grid for one year.**

Learn how three climate change leaders on social media are inspiring us to continue improving everyday life.

The profile picture and social media handle of Alaina Wood.

1. Alaina Wood, @thegarbagequeen

Alaina is a scientist and climate leader whose channel is full of tips and tricks so you can act and make the right decisions. She breaks down news articles and climate change reports in fun and engaging ways. Alania’s Tik Toks have a lively comment section with people chatting about how they are taking action in meaningful ways. If you’re just starting to learn about climate change, check out Alaina’s Good Climate News Sources list for her suggested articles of the week.

The profile picture and social media handle of Leah Thomas.

2. Leah Thomas, @greengirlleah

Leah is a climate optimist, writer, and founder of @intersectionalenvironmentalist. On social, Leah is sharing easy ways we can live a little greener, such as skipping the dryer and hang-drying a load of laundry instead. She knows that the simple choices we make every day add up. With a passion for the planet and its people, Leah founded the Intersectional Environmental resource hub for social and environmental justice. As a Black American woman, Leah knows the many barriers facing communities of color. In May 2020, Leah uploaded a graphic on Instagram stating “Environmentalists for Black Lives Matter” to demonstrate the intersection of social justice with environmentalism, which has since reached over one million people. With the Intersectional Environmentalist pledge, “Leah called on the global environmental community to sign a pledge highlighting specific and actionable steps folks can take to authentically stand and act in solidarity with oppressed communities.”

Younger generations tend to be more mindful of climate change, and they want to take action, but often don’t know where to start.

- @greengirlleah

The profile picture and social media handle of Lauren Singer.

3. Lauren Singer, @trashisfortossers

Lauren has been living a zero-waste lifestyle since 2012 and is the founder of Package Free Shop. Her company is dedicated to making the world “less trashy” and using 100% sustainable goods. Lauren uses her platform to highlight everyday habits in her waste reduction journey.

She encourages her followers to think about everything from where you buy your morning coffee to books to add to your reading list. Check out her shop for everyday products that are sustainably made and discover new ways you can live a zero-waste lifestyle.

Comfort doesn’t need to be sacrificed to live sustainably.

- Stuart Lombard, ecobee Founder and CEO

ecobee is committed to transforming everyday life and offering ways for SmartOwners to live more sustainably. We’re constantly innovating to maximize impact, savings, and comfort. Features like Community Energy Savings work with your smart thermostat and your utility company to automatically strengthen the electricity grid during peak times. This feature helps SmartOwners to use cleaner energy while earning incentives from their local utility provider.

Learn more about our sustainability story as we work to reduce energy usage, one home at a time.

*Based on internal measurements of thermostat runtime data, ecobee smart thermostats have delivered more than 17.6 TWh of energy savings.

**According to the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

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