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How Your Thermostat Can Double as a Home Security Hub

Protect your family from break-ins, fires, and rising energy costs with your ecobee devices.

by ecobee on 04/12/2022 in Smart Home & Tech

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Diagram of an ecobee home with connected devices and highlighted thermostat.

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ecobee has always made your family’s comfort our priority. Now our thermostats and sensors can protect your home and family from break-ins, fires, frozen pipes, and more, all while delivering the same comfort and energy savings you’ve come to love.

Here are five reasons why pairing your ecobee smart thermostat with ecobee Smart Security with Professional Monitoring (currently available in the U.S. only) is the best way to secure your home and save.

1) Better protection, for less.

Unlike other systems that require the purchase of expensive standalone equipment, the latest ecobee smart thermostats can double as your home security hub with the low-cost addition of ecobee smart sensors. If you are in the United States, subscribe to the Smart Security Complete plan with professional monitoring for $10 per month.

Diagram of ecobee home highlighting SmartSensor for doors and windows.

Your entry detectors.

Mount SmartSensor for doors and windows in exposed areas, like entryways and basement and first-floor windows. With a Smart Security subscription, you will be notified when exterior doors and windows are opened and shut and when motion is detected inside your home while the system is armed. ecobee contact sensors can also lower your cooling costs by pausing air conditioning if doors or windows are left open for more than 5 minutes.

Diagram of ecobee home highlighting SmartSensor.

Your motion detectors.

ecobee SmartSensors already act as motion detectors with built in temperature and occupancy detection. They now seamlessly integrate with Smart Security to notify you of unexpected motion when you aren't home.

The Smart Security Starter Kit has everything you need to get started.

Diagram of ecobee home highlighting SmartCamera with voice control.

Works with ecobee SmartCamera with voice control for enhanced security.

It’s easy to extend your system. Add SmartCamera with voice control to your home and enable monitoring centers to view footage during an alarm so that agents can quickly confirm an emergency is real and first responders can get there faster.1

Close-up of lights on emergency services vehicle.

2) Protect your home from break-ins and fire.

ecobee Smart Security professional monitoring is backed by RapidSOS, the world’s first emergency response data platform, to offer the best protection for your family and property.

How it works.

  1. When a sensor detects motion or your ecobee thermostat or camera detects motion or hears a smoke alarm, the system sends critical alerts to you and your emergency contacts.2 You can dismiss the alert, activate the siren, or request help.
ecobee Smart Security escalation via alerts and phone call.
  1. If no one views the alert in the app within one minute, each member will receive an automated phone call. Calls are made one after another to emergency contacts in the order you choose.
Smart Security call alert on smartphone.
  1. If no one picks up, an agent at the RapidSOS monitoring center will review the case, including any relevant sensor and video data. They will contact your local 911 center to request police or fire dispatch should emergency assistance be required.
Woman working at a 911 dispatch center.

Crucially, the RapidSOS data platform ensures all information related to the emergency is delivered not just to the monitoring center agent—but to the 911 dispatcher. The system securely provides critical, real-time data from your ecobee devices to 911 for faster, smarter emergency response.

Close-up shot of frozen pipes bursting.

3) Protect your home from frozen pipes.

According to, one in 50 homeowners files an insurance claim for water damage each year—at an average repair cost of $11,000.3 ecobee thermostats keep a close watch on your home's environment to protect against frozen pipes and other potential risks. Should the temperature dip unexpectedly, you'll receive a notification so you can take action to prevent costly damage to your home. For your comfort and safety, our integrated system will also notify you if your home gets too hot or too humid.

Home Monitoring alert coming up on smartphone.

4) Be home from anywhere with your phone.

Manage your home from one place. Arm or disarm, adjust the temperature, or check in and see which family members are home.

Activity Alert notification on smartphone indicating that a kid got home safely.

Know when the kids got home safely.

Smart Security recognizes your family’s phones and will notify you when a loved one gets home.

Set a voice code to let guests arm and disarm the system hands-free.

Arming and disarming that’s easy and secure.

Unlike systems that require time-consuming countdowns, timers, or passcodes, ecobee Smart Security fits your family’s busy lifestyle, letting you come and go with ease.

Alert notification on smartphone asking if you want to arm your home.

How it works.

When Smart Security detects that the last family member has left home, it sends a push notification to all household members’ phones.

A simple tap on the notification arms the system. It’s so easy and intuitive that you can even set Smart Security to disarm automatically when family members arrive home. Learn more.

Woman speaking to her phone to disarm her home.

5) So smart it pays for itself.

We have always focused on helping you save. All of our award-winning thermostats are ENERGY STAR® certified to deliver energy savings. And ecobee users save up to 26%* on their home heating and cooling costs. That translates into savings of up to USD $234 per home per year and billions of kWh of energy savings.4

We’ve taken that savings mindset and applied it to security to create a system that protects the home while lowering your costs. Smart Security subscribers may be eligible for a 10% discount on home or rental insurance,5 for a combined average annual savings of $364.

Try it now for free.

All ecobee customers who have yet to try Smart Security (formerly known as Haven) professional monitoring are invited to try it free for two months with no commitments. Sign up today.

* Compared to a hold of 72°F/22°C.

1 Requires Smart Security Complete plan and 24/7 professional monitoring to be enabled within a RapidSOS-participating jurisdiction.

2 ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control and ecobee4 listen for the sounds of smoke alarms, play sirens, and sense occupancy. Owners of the ecobee3 lite and discontinued ecobee3 cannot. Pair these thermostats with ecobee sensors to use Smart Security. SmartCamera (sold separately) enables smoke alarm detection and siren.

3 Jason Metz, Les Masterson, “Homeowners Insurance For Water Damage.” Forbes, March 2, 2022.

4 Per ENERGY STAR (, the average household spends $900 or more on annual heating and cooling costs. By lowering heating and cooling costs by up to 26%*, ecobee thermostats can save owners as much as US$234/CAN $292 annually on their energy.

5 Annual savings will vary based on your insurance providers. Contact your provider for more details.

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