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Executives at ecobee

Innovative thinkers behind our technological improvements.

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    Stuart Lombard

  • John Metselaar
    Chief Hardware Architect

  • Scott Cleaver
    Chief Operating Officer

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    Philip Cheng
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Kevin Banderk
    Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer

  • Greg Fyke
    Chief Product Officer

  • Chris Carradine
    EVP Energy & Business Development

  • Mark Malchiondo
    VP, Software Development

  • Derrick Boyce
    EVP, Sales

  • Penny Farinha
    VP, Human Resources

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    Alanna Niskanen
    VP, Finance

  • Natalie Elliott
    VP, Marketing Strategy

  • Bill Wood
    VP, Manufacturing

  • Jonathan Hayes
    VP, Design & Experience

  • Andree Gosselin O'Meara
    VP, Customer Support

  • Tarun Tuli
    VP, Platform

  • Sina Shahandeh
    VP, Data Science

  • John Berthels
    VP, Technology (Cameras)

  • Brent Laurence
    VP, Hardware Engineering

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