Executives at ecobee

Innovative thinkers behind our technological improvements.

Stuart Lombard

John Metselaar
Chief Hardware Architect

Scott Cleaver
Chief Operating Officer

David Brennan
Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Banderk
Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer

Chris Carradine
EVP Energy & Business Development

Mark Malchiondo
VP, Software Development

Derrick Boyce
EVP, Sales

Penny Farinha
VP, Human Resources

Jon Prosser
VP, Finance

Bill Wood
VP, Manufacturing

Jordan Christensen
VP, Technology

Jonathan Hayes
VP, Design & Experience

Andree Gosselin O'Meara
VP, Customer Support

Tarun Tuli
VP, Platform

Sina Shahandeh
VP, Data Science

John Berthels
VP, Technology (Cameras)

Brent Laurence
VP, Hardware Engineering

Natalie Elliott
VP, Marketing Strategy

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