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Introducing the ecobee3 Smart Thermostat and Wireless Remote Sensors

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Toronto, ON – Today, ecobee is introducing the ecobee3 smarter wi-fi thermostat and wireless remote sensors.  Designed for homes with more than one room, the wi-fi connected ecobee3 thermostat and remote sensors measure temperature and occupancy in multiple locations, resulting in increased comfort when you’re home and energy savings when you’re away.  In addition, customers can monitor and control their ecobee3 thermostat anytime and from anywhere, using their smartphone or tablet.

“The industry has seen the introduction of new thermostats that seem modern but have the same flaw that thermostats did fifty years ago – they only measure the temperature in one location, often the hallway. The ecobee3 thermostat and remote sensors resolve this fundamental design flaw and deliver comfort to the rooms that really matter.” said Stuart Lombard, co-CEO at ecobee.

The beautiful and incredibly smart ecobee3 touchscreen thermostat with innovative remote sensors address varying temperatures in your home, and unlike ‘learning thermostats’, the ecobee3 won’t need weeks of constant adjustment to make your home comfortable. Rather, the ecobee3 will improve your comfort and deliver energy savings right out of the box.  In fact, ecobee customers save an average of 23% on their heating and cooling costs.

Intuitive and Contemporary Design
Appreciating that customers want their smart home appliances to look beautiful and reflect their personal style, the ecobee3 features a stunning new design that is elegant and simplified, both in use and appearance.  The thermostat’s sleek black finish with rounded edges is a welcome addition to walls across North America, while the responsive, 3.5” capacitive touchscreen display features a newly designed user interface with intuitive iconography and controls that navigate like a smartphone. To learn more, visit 

Smart, Very Smart
The ecobee3 smarter wi-fi thermostat and remote sensors measure temperatures in multiple locations to address hot and cold spots in the home and deliver comfort in the rooms that matter most.  In addition, working with its remote sensors, the ecobee3 recognizes which rooms are occupied and automatically adjusts the temperature based on the readings in those rooms.  If you have a change in schedule and you leave your home, the sensors will recognize this and prevent your heating and cooling systems from running unnecessarily when your home is empty. The more sensors you add, the smarter your ecobee3 becomes at delivering comfort where it matters and savings where it counts.

ecobee thermostats feature DataRhythm™ Technology and use thousands of data points to automatically make intelligent, and personalized heating and cooling decisions to save you money on energy costs, improve your home’s heating and cooling performance, and ultimately make you comfortable in your home.

Smart Home Recovery is an example of unique and intelligent algorithms built into the ecobee3 thermostat.  This technology understands how your home heats up and cools down, and factors in the local weather to determine the best way to bring your home to your preferred temperature at the right time while also minimizing your HVAC equipment use.

The ecobee3 thermostat constantly monitors your equipment performance and will send you an alert if anything is not working or working sub-optimally. Similarly, ecobee3 can send you reminders to change your filters, have your equipment serviced, and more.

The ecobee3 is reliable.  Unlike some other thermostats, the ecobee3 doesn’t use power stealing, which can result in sudden and unexpected failure, particularly during extreme hot or cold weather.  Rather, the ecobee3 has a consistent power source that is hardwired in – meaning you can trust that the ecobee3 will continue to deliver comfort for you and your family regardless of the weather.

Connecting the Home
ecobee has a robust API and active developer community working on new ways to integrate your thermostat into your connected home. Existing apps developed for ecobee products will automatically work with the new ecobee3 thermostat.  Developers are encouraged to explore the ecobee API at

The average installation time for the ecobee3 thermostat with remote sensor is approximately 45 minutes.  Online step-by-step videos, as well as a trained customer support team available by phone, can help guide you through the installation process. If you would prefer, you can always request the assistance of a professional installer.

Pricing, Availability and Compatibility
The ecobee3 smart thermostat with remote sensor includes a 3-year warranty and will be available in the US and Canada for $249 beginning September 29 through or through professional HVAC contractors.  The ecobee3 thermostat comes with one free wireless remote sensor and can support up to 32 sensors total.  Additional remote sensors can be purchased in a package of two for $79.

The ecobee3 is designed to be compatible with 95% of residential heating and cooling systems in North America and does not require a C-wire (when using the included Power Extender Kit).  To ensure ecobee3 will work in your home, visit

About ecobee
ecobee Inc. introduced the world’s first wi-fi connected smart thermostat in 2009. The company’s award-winning thermostats have enabled hundreds of thousands of consumers to control their home comfort anytime and from anywhere, using their smartphone, tablet or computer. For more information, visit

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