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Ultimate Dad Tips We Never Expected

by ecobee on 06/06/2019 in Health & Wellness

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At ecobee, we know that one small change can make all the difference—we’ve seen it firsthand with the launch of our SmartThermostat with voice control. We also know Father’s Day is just around the corner—less than two weeks away to be exact.

Let’s honor the Dads in our lives (and their ever-creative problem-solving skills) with an ultimate list of Dad Hacks from real ecobee families. You never know: maybe one or two of these hacks will bring comfort and—yes, believe it—control to your busy household.

"Before I learned lullabies, I’d sing Queen songs to my babies. They always stopped crying and listened after a few verses." —Danny

"I fill my kids up on as many Costco samples as possible." —Paul

"I set my Amazon Echo to remind my kids to brush their teeth every night." —Patrick

"I always have extra water in my car. It helps whenever the kids are 'dying' of thirst." —Andrew

"When it’s time for my kids to take their showers, I play music through the Switch+ in the bathroom. I love hearing them singalong to their favorite tunes. :D " —Jason

"My dad used to send my mom, my brother and I away on vacation so he could get house renovations done without interruption!" —Justin

"My dad’s favorite hack is to line the walls with painter’s tape so he gets perfect edges. He calls it faux crown molding." —Ben

"My husband uses the microwave hood fan as white noise to calm our crying daughter down." —Alisa

"My dad tricked us into eating healthy popsicles with fruit AND VEGGIES. We never found out as kids—he confessed when we were all grown up! ;)" —Marcela

"In the summer, I keep towels and a change of clothes in the car to make sure we can stop and let the kids have fun in a splash park if it’s really hot outside." —Jeffrey

"At breakfast time, I turn pancakes into fun shapes with a pizza cutter instead of a knife. It’s faster and prevents tearing." —Allen

"My father used to always wrap birthday and Christmas gifts in newspaper. He could never find the wrapping paper, and eventually gave up on even trying." —Kerry

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