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A Helpful Moving Day Checklist

Moving is one of life’s most stressful events, but a few key reminders and tips can help along the way.

by ecobee on 05/12/2021 in Life & Family

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Family packing.

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Nearly 40 million Americans move every year and more than half of them move between May and September.1 Moving is also one of life’s most stressful events for most of us, but with a few key reminders and tips, we’re here to help reduce your anxiety.

What to prepare now:

1) Create a workback schedule. While our checklist and others are helpful, they won’t capture everything you need for your specific move. Map out everything you need to do in a checklist to share with your family and distribute the tasks among them. No task is too small to document and keep you organized.

2) Book your movers or a truck. Summer is peak season for moving and truck companies too, so start requesting quotes and availability early. If you’re moving in or out of a building, book the moving elevator. 

Tasks to start 1–2 months prior: 

3) Provide notice. Landlords, insurance, and utility companies all require notice, and you can set up your new services at the same time. Secure an internet installation appointment as soon as possible. Tip: Join your new neighborhood’s community Facebook groups for local recommendations and to get to know your neighbors.

4) Start packing. Pack a box or two per day, starting with the least-used items in your home. Label your boxes clearly as you go along. 

Tip: Order a service like Frogbox if you want to use reusable boxes. Otherwise, try reusing packing materials from loved ones or stores.
Image of a house for sale with a sign out front.

Tasks to start 3 weeks prior: 

5) If your budget allows, book cleaners. While it saves money to do it yourself, professionals are helpful if timelines are tight. If you’re a renter, you’ll also want to make sure your old place looks as good as you found it to receive your security deposit.

6) Change your address. Don’t forget to update the address on your ID, with your bank, work, and any subscriptions.

7) Continue packing. It may seem like you have lots of time but moving day will creep up before you know it and you’ll thank yourself later.

Image of a family installing an ecobee camera.

Tasks to complete 1-2 weeks prior:

8) Move with ecobee. Hopefully ecobee can be one of the easiest parts of your move. Our website has all the answers you need, whether you’re unregistering a product or installing a new ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control or Home Security Solution.

9) Find new services. Look for a new doctor or veterinarian near your new home. 

10) Secure the essentials. Pack an overnight bag with everything you’ll need your first few days, including toiletries, pajamas, phone charger, and a change of clothes. Withdraw cash to tip movers.

Moving day: 

11) Cover the basics. Hang your shower curtain, cover your windows for privacy, and dress your bed as soon as possible. You won’t want to do these things after a long day of moving.

12) Inspect. Check everything is in working order in your new home, especially smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 

Try to unpack within the first two weeks to ensure you don’t end up with a bunch of unopened boxes in a corner. If you’re stuck for interior design ideas in your new space, check out our blog post on Danish design. Best of luck.

1Why Summer is the Peak Moving Season” Allied Moving Company. 

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