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2021's Hottest Home Décor Trends

As we bid farewell to the year, it's time to see which home décor trends were big in 2021.

by ecobee on 12/08/2021 in Home & Design

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Living room scene with natural light, pops of colour, art and and plants

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As we approach the end of the year, now is a great time to reflect on 2021. It was a difficult year for many, but we’re grateful for the positive moments. One of our highlights was being warmly welcomed into so many new homes. We are always excited to see how our devices integrate into SmartOwners’ homes to bring more comfort, savings, and security.

While checking out the #myecobeehome community on social media, five home décor trends stood out. Take a look at our favourite styles of this year.

1. Splashes of bold colours.

While neutral tones were paramount to décor trends during the last few years, 2021 brought back bold splashes of colour. Deep reds, burnt oranges, peacock blues, emerald greens, and bright yellows (like Illuminating, which was chosen as one of the Pantone Colours of the Year 2021) were some of our SmartOwners' favourite choices. These tones brought a lot of warmth and energy to their walls, furniture, decorative objects, and even ceilings.

2. Lots of curves.

This year, the best way to get ahead of the curve was to embrace curves everywhere. Curved couches and love seats, rounded cabinets, painted arches, and classic archways abounded. It makes sense: curves are welcoming. They bring a sense of softness and add charm to any space, two features we look forward to when designing a feel-good space. While sharp décor and straight lines can feel more modern, they can't beat the comfy looks from one of the best trends of 2021.

3. Grandmillenial chic.

Who could have guessed that grandma's home décor would be a trend in 2021? Floral wallpapers, vintage pouffes, velvet cushions, retro tchotchkes, and old-fashioned patterns were a hit this year. While surprising, it's easy to understand why: grandma's house is a special place that evokes comfort and nostalgia, bringing back a rush of good memories. Millennials embraced it and balanced this old-school sense of style with modern touches and bold colours. The result? Homes that look fresh, cozy, and far from dated.

4. Pet spaces.

We believe pets are part of the family and we love when our SmartOwners send us videos of candid moments caught on their SmartCameras. While many homeowners welcomed pandemic pets in 2020, in 2021 they made sure their furry friends were as comfortable as possible at home, which meant décor changes. Under-the-staircase hideouts, scratch posts that look like sculptures, fashionable beds, high shelves for cats, inspired food bowls – the list goes, proving that pet products were stylish enough to become a decoration trend.

Comfort is a trend that will always be on our list.

5. Enhanced comfort.

Comfort is a trend that will always be on our list. While 2020 was the year to stay home, 2021 was the year we focused on livability: building a pleasurable space was the goal of every homeowner. While we can achieve comfort from tactile elements – like soft cushions and natural fibre blankets – we believe that comfort is a deep sense of feeling good. Filters that provide cleaner air at home, like ecobee Air Filters, intelligent devices that can play music or receive commands through voice control, and smart thermostats that learn your routine to set the perfect temperature are great examples. All in all, we’re happy to be part of this trend and bringing comfort to your home.

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