Community Energy Savings

The easiest way to help the environment and get rewarded for it.

If you have been selected to participate in ecobee’s new Community Energy Savings Beta Program, see here for more details.

Get rewarded for using clean energy, automatically.

In order to meet energy needs at periods of high demand, utility companies are often required to use energy supply from more expensive and less environmentally friendly sources. This peak usage can also lead to the need for costly new power plants just to keep up with the demand.

Community Energy Savings is a feature within eco+ that works with your smart thermostat and your utility company to automatically strengthen the electricity grid during peak times. This helps your home use cleaner energy, while earning you incentives from your utility provider.

Your comfort settings are always in your control, and they can be adjusted at any time to fit the impact you want to have.

Get the most out of your thermostat.

  • Receive incentives from your utility company
  • Help your community use cleaner energy
  • Maintain control of your comfort

How to sign up for Community Energy Savings!

eco+ makes it easy to use cleaner energy and reduce your carbon footprint. It’s all done through the ecobee app, hassle free.

  • 1. Set up eco+

    Open your ecobee mobile app. If you haven’t already, set up eco+ for your home. If you have eco+, select it from the main menu.

  • 2. Choose your utility provider

    In the eco+ menu, enable the Community Energy Savings feature and select your utility.

  • 3. Enroll

    An offer from your utility will appear on the screen, including the incentive and the program terms and conditions. Select “Ok” to enroll in the program.

See if there's a program in your area.

North East

We’re always adding new utility programs to eco+, so don’t worry if yours isn’t shown here yet. You can also contact your utility company to see how they can work with ecobee’s Community Energy Savings.

Experience the benefits of doing good.

  • Free sign up

    Once you’ve signed up, your thermostat will receive Community Energy Savings events a few times a year during the summer months.

  • Auto-adjustment for your comfort

    Your thermostat then automatically makes slight adjustments to your temperature for no more than a few hours during the event to help reinforce the electrical grid. You can change your settings at any time to ensure you’re always comfortable.

  • Get rewarded

    For your help strengthening the grid and using cleaner energy, you will receive an incentive from your energy company.

The easiest way to make the largest impact.

At ecobee, we believe a sustainable future is for everyone, no matter where they call home. By having Community Energy Savings work behind the scenes to shift energy consumption patterns during high-demand periods, we’re able to have a profound impact on delivering clean, affordable energy for all.

High energy demand happens when there’s an imbalance between energy supply and demand. For example, during a heatwave when everyone in a community is using their air conditioning at once, this puts a major strain on the capacity of the electrical grid.

In order to handle this high amount of activity, utilities may need to bring additional power plants online or purchase energy from less environmentally friendly sources to ensure they have enough supply. Considering this only happens a handful of days each year for a few hours at a time, these solutions are both costly and wasteful.

Community Energy Savings encourages individuals to band together to reduce energy consumption in their neighborhood. Lowering the demand is a critical step to avoiding the need for excess power plants while maintaining clean energy usage.

About enrolling

What to expect during a Community Energy Savings event

Disabling Community Energy Savings

* Based on internal measurements of thermostat runtime data, ecobee smart thermostats have delivered more than 27.8 TWh of energy savings.

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