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Commercial and residential load management solutions offering real savings and comfort, while meeting ENERGY STAR specifications.

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The next generation of flexible load management solutions.

Increase program participation and performance while building seamless and engaging experiences for your customers. ecobee Energy has the tools and technology to enhance our grid’s reliability and help energy companies deliver effective programs straight to their clients.

  • Demand response and grid resiliency

  • Utility marketplaces and rebate programs

  • Income qualified programs

  • Time-of-use and load flexibility

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Demand response and grid resiliency.

Reduce load demand at scale with our smart thermostats and eco+ technology, tailor-made to increase program success and participation.

  • eco+ automation technology helps streamline enrollment and participation in Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, and Time-of-Use programs.
  • Utility portals and APIs help manage customer engagement and participation in energy programs.
  • Have thermostats pre-enrolled in select programs that are purchased in bulk or through a marketplace.
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Utility marketplaces and rebate programs.

We work with energy partners to deliver exclusive offers on ecobee smart home products to their customers.

  • Deliver a variety of instant and in-store energy efficiency rebates to customers.
  • Combine efficiency rebates with demand response program incentives and enroll customers directly at the point of sale.
  • Product promotions and co-branded marketing campaigns.
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Income qualified programs.

We support and advance energy equity with our partners by offering solutions to marginalized communities and households.

  • Provide smart home products to low-to-moderate income qualified communities at a reduced cost.
  • Get marketing and educational support for customers in multiple languages.
  • Receive call center support and installation training at no cost.
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Time-of-use and load flexibility.

ecobee smart thermostats help customers save automatically through enhanced rate optimization.

  • Mobile app experience simplifies participation in time-of-use programs.
  • ecobee's Time of Use feature intelligently precools or preheats the home during times when electricity is less expensive.
  • Help customers save up to 23%* more on cooling costs if they live in regions with time-of-use rates.

See how ecobee can improve your energy programs.

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See how ecobee and one of our utility partners help Michigan resident John Marlatt simplify his life.

An ecobee thermostat on a green background.

Help your customers save money and energy with eco+

eco+ is our free thermostat optimization software that elevates the smart home experience. It saves customers 5-6% more energy than our smart thermostats alone, and up to 23%* more on cooling costs in areas with time-of-use rates. Using machine learning and automation technology, eco+ boosts energy efficiency savings and streamlines enrollment into flexible load programs like demand response. Features include:

  • Adjusting for Humidity
  • Schedule Assistant
  • Smart Home & Away
  • Time of Use
  • Community Energy Savings

ecobee thermostats have delivered over 25 TWh of energy savings to customers across North America.¹

energy star award winner trophy next to some text that reads "2024 partner of the year; sustained excellence"

ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year four years straight.

The EPA recognizes ecobee's sustained excellence in manufacturing smart home products that improve energy efficiency and help tackle climate change. And for our continued innovation, as demonstrated by our new Premium and Enhanced smart thermostats and impactful grid-resiliency pilot program.

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Utilities and ecosystem partners.

We work with utilities and ecosystem partners across North America to bring innovative solutions to the homes of customers.

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Here’s what our partners have to say

"... customers have more control and choice than they previously had with tiered rates. [They] have the power to shift their behavior and positively impact their bills."

- Helen Werner, Marketing Specialist for the SMUD Energy Store
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Industry content at your fingertips.

Up to date resources to keep you current.

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    Why Customer Engagement is Key to Creating the Flexible Grid of the Future

    We partnered with Utility Dive to develop this playbook, outlining how technology can improve the consumer’s energy experience and unlock gigawatts of flexible load demand.

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    3 lessons from California on the future of grid reliability

    Reflecting on the rolling blackouts California faced in 2020, here are some lessons that can help mitigate existing challenges and ensure grid resiliency across North America.

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    eco+ study shows persistent savings throughout the pandemic

    This third party-verified EM&V study measures the incremental energy savings delivered to eco+ customers. Among the findings, we discovered customers who enabled eco+ experienced persistent savings between Summer 2019 and 2020.

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    3 reasons why automated technology is key to time-based pricing success.

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    Do Smart Thermostats still save during a global pandemic?

    Free thermostat optimization like eco+ has played a critical role in navigating the new normal, and utilities across the country are taking advantage of the persistent savings eco+ offers during the pandemic.

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* Based on a study conducted by a third-party expert during June and August 2020 across the US and Canada. Savings vary by season, climate zone and rate structure.

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