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Saving energy is just the beginning.

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A man in a white shirt sits at a table drinking tea and looking at his mobile phone. A Smart Thermostat Premium is attached to the wall behind him.

Save up to 26%* on annual heating and cooling costs.

An ecobee Smart Thermostat is mounted to a white wall in the foreground. The thermostat displays a screen that indicates that the air quality is currently "clean". A room with minimalist white furniture and two large windows is visible past the wall.

Breathe easier with air quality monitoring.

A man sits in a char reading a magazine with a black dog sitting beside him. A Smart Thermostat Premium is mounted to the wall in the background.

Built-in advanced radar helps protect your home from intruders.

A verdant forest scene with ferns in the foreground and tall trees in the background.

Improving everyday life while creating a more sustainable world.

ecobee designs intelligent, trustworthy, quality solutions for your home. By connecting millions of homes, we’re helping communities transition to cleaner energy and net-zero emissions.


A person is sitting down and looking at their phone screen. An image of a push notification message is in the upper right hand corner. The message says "Do you want to arm your home? My home. Looks like no one is home. Hold to set monitoring to Arm Away."
A woman kneeling down and opening a cardboard box containing an air filter.


Smart Thermostat Enhanced

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Smart Thermostat Enhanced show at a three quarter angle view sitting on a light grey surface. A piece of wood and a flower are artfully arranged behind it.


Smart Thermostat Premium

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Smart Thermostat Premium shown at a three quarters angle view with a SmartSensor placed to the right of it. A rock and piece of bark are artfully placed behind the two products. The background is a rich blue colour.

SmartSensor for doors and windows 2-pack

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Two SmartSensor for doors and windows units are mounted to pieces of wood and facing forwards. Several green leaves poke out from behind the pieces of wood. The background is a dark, rich, blue colour.

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"Ecobee, via an Alexa-integrated smart thermostat and security system, has made my house both safer and more comfortable."

- WIRED Magazine

Build an efficient, secure home.

Our products work together to provide intelligent security and energy savings, all controlled from one place. Effortlessly manage your energy with a system that knows when you’re home and maximizes the comfort of the rooms you’re in.

A pine forest in the foreground, with cloud swept mountains in the background. A pale blue sky arches over top of it all.

Reduce your emissions for a greener future today.

ecobee users have saved over 25 TWh of energy thanks to their thermostats, which is the same as taking the city of Los Angeles off the grid for a year.

A lush, verdant forest scene is presented in a widescreen format. Low lying ferns occupy the foreground while many tall tree trunks are partially obscured by mist yet are still visible in the background.

So far, ecobee customers have kept 17.7 million tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere.

A hand reaches out to touch the ecobee thermostat on a blue wall. The text "Delivered over 25TWh of energy savings."

Our thermostats have delivered over 25TWh of energy savings, which is like charging 2.1 trillion cellphones.

A thermostat on a white wall in the background . In the foreground, an Energy Star Award 2022 - Partner of the Year badge is displayed.

2021 and 2022 ENERGY STAR partner of the year.
Read more.

A top-down shot of a person working on a partially disassembled ecboee thermostat. The person is attaching a small blue piece of plastic to the thermostat with tweezers.

We repair and reuse our thermostats, reducing e-waste and keeping them out of landfills. Shop now.

a person sits with a cup of coffee and their laptop; their phone shows the ecobee professional help screen.

Get professional support from our Help Center.

ecobee Help Center has tailored articles, walkthrough videos, and FAQs to help support you from installation to full home customization. We also have an in-house team of experts ready to assist you seven days a week.

Find the solution that fits your home.

ecobee Smart Security Starter Kit, which consists of smartthermostat with voice control, smartsensor, and smartsensors for doors & windows

Start your smart home.

Save energy and protect your family with a security system that starts at your thermostat with the Smart Security Starter Kit.
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ecobee Whole Home Solution, which consists of smart thermostat premium, smartsensors, smartsensors for doors & windows, and smartcamera

Complete your premium experience.

Extend comfort and security throughout your home and keep every room the perfect temperature with the Whole Home Solution.
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ecobee Motion & Occupancy Solution, which consists of 2 sets of smartsensors and smartsensors for doors & windows

Grow your system.

Upgrade your Smart Thermostat with sensors to spread comfort and security even further with the Motion and Occupancy Solution.
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Works in harmony with leading smart home ecosystems including Apple HomeKit.

ecobee thermostats work seamlessly with Apple HomeKit on all iOS devices including Apple Watch, and all leading smart home ecosystems.

  • works with alexa built-in

    Alexa Built-in

  • logo of Google Assistant

    Google Assistant

  • logo of Apple Home Kit

    Apple HomeKit

  • Works with Smart Things

    Samsung SmartThings

  • logo of If this then that

    If This Then That

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    How We Can Help Increase Equal Access to Energy Across North America

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*Compared to a hold of 72°F/22°C.

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