POST Register Hierarchy Thermostat

URL: /hierarchy/thermostat

Accessible by: EMS, Utility accounts only.

Restrictions: User must have the hierarchy privilege on the My Sets set or the set the thermostats are being assigned to.

Registers one or more thermostats with the hierarchy and optionally assigns them to a hierarchy set.

When a Utility thermostat is registered it will display the Utility Welcome Message, if one was created.

See Getting Started with Management Set Hierarchy for additional information.

Request Properties

Property Version Type Required Description
operation 1 String Yes The type of request. Always "register".
thermostats 1 String Yes Comma separated list of thermostat identifiers.
setPath 1 String No The set path to assign thermostat to.

Response Properties

Property Version Type Description
status 1 Status The api response code.

Example Request:

Request Body

NOTE: Request body is not encoded for example purposes.

	Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
	Authorization: Bearer Rc7JE8P7XUgSCPogLOx2VLMfITqQQrjg
	"operation": "register",
	"setPath": "/OtherNode",
	"thermostats": "123456789012,123456789013"

Sample API Call

Show code sample in:
curl -s --request POST --data-urlencode @json.txt -H "Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8" -H "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN" ""  

Example Response:

    "status": {
        "code": 0,
        "message": ""

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