RemoteSensor Object

The RemoteSensor object represents a sensor connected to the thermostat.

The remote sensor data will only show computed occupancy, as does the thermostat. Definition - For a given sensor, computed occupancy means a sensor is occupied if any motion was detected in the past 30 minutes.

RemoteSensor data changes trigger the runtimeRevision to be updated. The data updates are sent at an interval of 3 mins maximum. This means that you should not poll quicker than once every 3 mins for revision changes.

Note: remote sensors may only be modified using the UpdateSensor function.

RemoteSensor Capabilities

RemoteSensors can have different capability types as seen in the 'type' property of the RemoteSensorCapability object.

When looking at the RemoteSensor list within a Thermostat object, each sensor contains its own list of RemoteSensorCapability with an id, type, and value for each capability as seen in the example snippet below:

"remoteSensors": [
          "id": "rs:103",
          "name": "yy",
          "type": "ecobee3_remote_sensor",
          "code": "BBYY",
          "inUse": false,
          "capability": [
              "id": "1",
              "type": "temperature",
              "value": "unknown"
              "id": "2",
              "type": "occupancy",
              "value": "false"

When looking at a Thermostat's Climate object, one can also observe a list of RemoteSensors present. It is important to note however that each of these sensor objects do not contain a RemoteSensorCapability list as seen with the Thermostat object. Instead, each sensor contains a concatenated sensor id value in the form: 'deviceName:deviceId:capabilityId'. In the example below, the sensor object with id "rs:103:1" is referring to the RemoteSensor with id "rs:103" and RemoteSensorCapability id "1" (the temperature capability).

"sensors": [
          "id": "rs:103:1",
          "name": "yy"


Name Type Read Only Required Description
id String yes no The unique sensor identifier. It is composed of deviceName + deviceId separated by colons, for example: rs:100
name String yes no The user assigned sensor name.
type String yes no The type of sensor. Values: thermostat, ecobee3_remote_sensor, monitor_sensor, control_sensor.
code String yes no The unique 4-digit alphanumeric sensor code. For ecobee3 remote sensors this corresponds to the code found on the back of the physical sensor.
inUse Boolean yes no This flag indicates whether the remote sensor is currently in use by a comfort setting. See Climate for more information.
capability RemoteSensorCapability[] yes no The list of remoteSensorCapability objects for the remote sensor.

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