Output Object

An output is a relay connected to the thermostat.


Name Type Read Only Required Description
name String yes no The name of the output
zone Integer yes no The thermostat zone the output is associated with
outputId Integer yes no The unique output identifier number.
type String yes no The type of output. Values: compressor1, compressor2, dehumidifier, economizer, fan, heat1, heat2, heat3, heatPumpReversal, humidifier, none, occupancy, userDefined, ventilator, zoneCool, zoneFan, zoneHeat.
sendUpdate Boolean yes no Whether to send an update message.
activeClosed Boolean yes no If true, when this output is activated it will close the relay. Otherwise, activating the relay will open the relay.
activationTime Integer yes no Time to activate relay - in seconds.
deactivationTime Integer yes no Time to deactivate relay - in seconds.

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