Alert Object

The Alert object represents an alert generated either by a thermostat or user which requires user attention. It may be an error, or a reminder for a filter change. Alerts may not be modified directly but rather they must be acknowledged using the Acknowledge Function.


Name Type Read Only Required Description
acknowledgeRef String yes no
date String yes no
time String yes no
severity String yes no
text String yes yes
alertNumber Integer yes no
alertType String yes no
isOperatorAlert Boolean yes no
reminder String yes no
showIdt Boolean yes no
showWeb Boolean yes no
sendEmail Boolean yes no
acknowledgement String yes no
remindMeLater Boolean yes no
thermostatIdentifier String yes no
notificationType String yes no

The field 'alertNumber' holds a value that represents a number used as an error code. The table below shows different alert numbers a user can encounter along with a brief description for each number:

Alert Numbers

Code Description
611Invalid registration password
1000Cold temp alert
1001Hot temp alert
1002Sensor activated shutting down compressor
1003Problem with furnace/boiler heating
1004Problem with heatpump heating
1005Problem with heatpump heating
1006Problem with cooling
1007Communication to EI failed
1009Problem with aux heat, running too much
1010Aux heat used with high outdoor temp
1011Sensor activated switching to occupied
1012Sensor activated switching to unoccupied
1013Sensor activated disabling AC
1014Sensor activated setting temp up/down
1015Sensor activated
1016Sensor activated opening/closing relay
1017Sensor activated turning on fan
1018Sensor activated shutting down aux heat
1019Sensor activated shutting down heating/cooling
1020Low humidity alert
1021High humidity alert
1022Sensor activated shutting down heat
1024Sensor activated humidifier
1025Sensor activated dehumidifier
1026Low battery
1027Remote sensor detected
1028Remote sensor not communicating
1029Remote sensor re-established
1030Invalid current temp reading
1031Current temp reading restored
1032Faulty humidity sensor
1033Faulty humidity sensor
1034Incorrect Zigbee module installed
3130Furnace maintenance reminder
3131Humidifier maintenance reminder
3132Ventilator maintenance reminder
3133Dehumidifier maintenance reminder
3134Economizer maintenance reminder
3135UV maintenance reminder
3136AC maintenance reminder
3137Air filter reminder (ClimateMaster only)
3138Air cleaner reminder (ClimateMaster only)
3140Hvac maintenance reminder
4100 - 4199ClimateTalk device alert major/minor fault codes
4200 - 4299ClimateTalk device lost communications
4300 - 4399ClimateTalk system message from device
6000DR voluntary alert
6001DR voluntary utility message
6002 - 6005DR voluntary alerts
6100DR mandatory alert
6101DR mandatory message
6102DR mandatory alert
6200Monthly cost exceeded
6201Monthly projected cost exceeded
6300Network join successful
6301Network join failed
7000Registration confirmation
7001Registration Remind me alert
7002Web initiated messages - such as Utility welcome message or similar
8000 - 8299Daikin Indoor/Outdoor Unit Alerts
8300 - 8599ClimateMaster Heatpump/hardware Unit Alerts
9000ClimateMaster fault
9255ClimateMaster fault max
9500ClimateMaster disconnected
9755ClimateMaster disconnected max

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