Set Occupied

The set occupied function may only be used by EMS thermostats. The function switches a thermostat from occupied mode to unoccupied, or vice versa. If used on a Smart thermostat, the function will throw an error. Switch occupancy events are treated as Holds. There may only be one Switch Occupancy at one time, and the new event will replace any previous event.

Note that an occupancy event is created regardless what the program on the thermostat is set to. For example, if the program is currently unoccupied and you set occupied=false, an occupancy event will be created using the heat/cool settings of the unoccupied program climate. If your intent is to go back to the program and remove the occupancy event, use resumeProgram instead.

Hold Types

Hold Type Description
dateTime Use the provided startDate, startTime, endDate and endTime for the event. If start date/time is not provided, it will be assumed to be right now. End date/time is required.
nextTransition The end date/time will be set to the next climate transition in the program.
indefinite The hold will not end and require to be cancelled explicitly.
holdHours Use the value in the "holdHours" parameter to set the end date/time for the event.


Name Type Required Description
occupied Boolean yes The climate to use for the temperature, occupied (true) or unoccupied (false).
startDate String no The start date in thermostat time.
startTime String no The start time in thermostat time.
endDate String no The end date in thermostat time.
endTime String no The end time in thermostat time.
holdType Enum no The hold duration type. Valid values: dateTime, nextTransition, indefinite, holdHours.
holdHours Integer no The number of hours to hold for, used and required if holdType='holdHours'.

All other properties of the Event are available to be written with the exception of Event.linkRef and Event.type.

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