Create Vacation

The create vacation function creates a vacation event on the thermostat. If the start/end date/times are not provided for the vacation event, the vacation event will begin immediately and last 14 days.

If both the coolHoldTemp and heatHoldTemp parameters provided to this function have the same value, and the Thermostat is in auto mode, then the two values will be adjusted during processing to be separated by the value stored in thermostat.settings.heatCoolMinDelta.

Since Version: 1

Type: createVacation


Name Type Required Description
name String yes The vacation event name. It must be unique.
coolHoldTemp Integer yes The temperature to set the cool vacation hold at.
heatHoldTemp Integer yes The temperature to set the heat vacation hold at.
startDate String no The start date in thermostat time.
startTime String no The start time in thermostat time.
endDate String no The end date in thermostat time.
endTime String no The end time in thermostat time.
fan String no The fan mode during the vacation. Values: auto, on Default: auto
fanMinOnTime String no The minimum number of minutes to run the fan each hour. Range: 0-60, Default: 0

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