HouseDetails Object

The HouseDetails object contains contains the information about the house the thermostat is installed in.

NOTE: the windowEfficiency field can be used to set the window efficiency of the house. This is set as an integer value through the API, however these integer values are actually converted by the thermostat to specific R values which are not sorted. The mapping of API integer value to R value is as follows:

API Integer Value R Value
1 0.8
2 0.96
3 1.65
4 2.01
5 2.5
6 1.14
7 1.37


Name Type Read Only Required Description
style String no no The style of house. Values: other, apartment, condominium, detached, loft, multiPlex, rowHouse, semiDetached, townhouse, and 0 for unknown.
size Integer no no The size of the house in square feet.
numberOfFloors Integer no no The number of floors or levels in the house.
numberOfRooms Integer no no The number of rooms in the house.
numberOfOccupants Integer no no The number of occupants living in the house.
age Integer no no The age of house in years.
windowEfficiency Integer no no This field defines the window efficiency of the house. Valid values are in the range 1 - 7. Changing the value of this field alters the settings the thermostat uses for the humidifier when in 'frost Control' mode. See the NOTE above before updating this value.

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