NotificationSettings Object

The Thermostat NotficationSettings object is a container for the configuration of the possible alerts and reminders which can be generated by the Thermostat.

The NotificationsSettings supports retrieval through a Thermostat GET call, setting the includeNotificationSettings to true in the Selection

The NotificationsSettings object can also be updated using the Thermostat POST method. When POSTing updates to this object please take a note of the required fields, allowed values, and notes about the email address below.

The type corresponds to the Alert.notificationType returned when alerts are included in the selection. See Alert for more information. When the type is anything other than alert it's configuration will be listed here as part of the NotificationSettings.


Name Type Read Only Required Description
emailAddresses String[] no no The list of email addresses alerts and reminders will be sent to. The full list of email addresses must be sent in any update request. If any are missing from that list they will be deleted. If an empty list is sent, any email addresses will be deleted.
emailNotificationsEnabled Boolean no no Boolean values representing whether or not alerts and reminders will be sent to the email addresses listed above when triggered.
equipment EquipmentSetting[] no no The list of equipment specific alert and reminder settings.
general GeneralSetting[] no no The list of general alert and reminder settings.
limit LimitSetting[] no no The list of limit specific alert and reminder settings.

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