Update Sensor

The update sensor function allows the caller to update the name of an ecobee3 remote sensor.

Each ecobee3 remote sensor "enclosure" contains two distinct sensors types temperature and occupancy. Only one of the sensors is required in the request. Both of the sensors' names will be updated to ensure consistency as they are part of the same remote sensor enclosure. This also reflects accurately what happens on the Thermostat itself.

Note: This function is restricted to the ecobee3 thermostat model only.

Since Version: 1

Type: updateSensor


Name Type Required Description
name String yes The updated name to give the sensor. Has a max length of 32, but shorter is recommended.
deviceId String yes The deviceId for the sensor, typically this indicates the enclosure and corresponds to the ThermostatRemoteSensor.id field. For example: rs:100
sensorId String yes The idendifier for the sensor within the enclosure. Corresponds to the RemoteSensorCapability.id. For example: 1

Example Request:

This example renames the sensor rs:100:1 to "Bedroom". Both sensors, rs:100:1 and rs:100:2 will be updated as they are within the same "enclosure".

NOTE: Request body is not encoded for example purposes.

	Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
	Authorization: Bearer Rc7JE8P7XUgSCPogLOx2VLMfITqQQrjg
	POST https://api.ecobee.com/1/thermostat?format=json
				"deviceId": "rs:100",
				"sensorId": "1",
				"name": "Bedroom"

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