EquipmentSetting Object

The EquipmentSetting object represents the alert/reminder type which is associated with and dependent upon specific equipment controlled by the Thermostat. It is used when getting/setting the Thermostat NotificationSettings object.

Note: Only the notification settings for the equipment/devices currently controlled by the Thermostat are returned during GET request, and only those same settings can be updated using the POST request.

The type corresponds to the Alert.notificationType returned when alerts are also included in the selection. See Alert for more information.


Name Type Read Only Required Description
filterLastChanged String no no The date the filter was last changed for this equipment. String format: YYYY-MM-DD
filterLife Integer no no The value representing the life of the filter. This value is expressed in month or hour, which is specified in the the filterLifeUnits property.
filterLifeUnits String no no The units the filterLife field is measured in. Possible values are: month, hour. month has a range of 1 - 12. hour has a range of 100 - 10000.
remindMeDate String yes no The date the reminder will be triggered. This is a read-only field and cannot be modified through the API. The value is calculated and set by the thermostat.
enabled Boolean no no Boolean value representing whether or not alerts/reminders are enabled for this notification type or not.
type String yes yes The type of notification. Possible values are: hvac, furnaceFilter, humidifierFilter, dehumidifierFilter, ventilator, ac, airFilter, airCleaner, uvLamp
remindTechnician Boolean no no Boolean value representing whether or not alerts/reminders should be sent to the technician/contractor associated with the thermostat.

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