DemandManagement Object

The Demand Management object defines a series of 12 5-minute intervals in a given hour of the day. Each value in the series is an adjustment to the thermostat desired temperature which is applied for the matching 5 minute interval in the hour. The temperature adjustment may be made in the range of -2F to +2F. The temperature value must be specified as per standard Temperature notation already described. Specifying 0 for the adjustment in the series will result in no adjustment being made. Values outside the +/- 2F range will result in error.


Name Type Read Only Required Description
date String no yes The date (UTC) for the beginning of this day's demand management series.
hour Integer no yes The hour in the day this series begins at. Range: 0-23
tempOffsets Integer[] no yes The series of 12, 5 minute interval temperature adjustments in the hour. Valid integer values are required for each interval. See Temperature values.

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