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Your ecobee smart thermostat's anonymized data can help scientists and researchers build a more resilient and sustainable future.

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Your data can make a difference.

Join our program to share anonymized insights from your ecobee smart thermostat with top researchers and give them the real-life data they need to design smarter, more sustainable homes and communities.

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A powerful way for you to fight climate change and build better communities.

Sign up in the ecobee app to give scientists greater insight by helping them expand their studies from dozens of homes to more than 200,000. By doing so, you can help scientists better understand peoples’ energy use patterns and how they change over time.

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Your privacy is paramount.

The unparalleled window into home energy use your data provides is of unique scientific value. To protect your privacy, your data is completely anonymized before it’s shared with researchers.

Learn more by reading the Donate Your Data FAQ.

How to donate your data.

Follow these easy steps to join the Donate Your Data program through the ecobee app.

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Step 1

Open account settings

From the Home Screen, tap on the Account Management icon and select Donate Your Data.

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Step 2

Turn on anonymized data sharing

Tap on the Donate Thermostat Data toggle to opt in to the program.

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Step 3

Start donating your data

Review the terms and tap Accept & Join to begin sharing your home's energy insights.


"“This is a goldmine because such data are otherwise very expensive to collect. Having a large sample size allows us to have a statistically significant representation of populations.” "

— Liam O’Brien, Associate Professor at Carleton University
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Donate Your Data stories from our blog.

Inside stories from the energy scientists and public health researchers using the one-of-a-kind Donate Your Data dataset to build a better future.

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Staying Safe from Extreme Indoor Heat

See how the B.C. Centre for Disease Control is using ecobee smart thermostat data to study how communities around the world are adapting to global warming.

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A group of balconies on an apartment building.

Protecting People during Power Outages

A senior scientist at Berkeley Labs talks about how his team is using Donate Your Data data to minimize the harmful effects of planned power outages during heatwaves.

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An EPA environmental engineer takes us through how ecobee thermostat data makes it easier for her team to test and improve the ENERGY STAR for smart thermostats.

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Scientists and research partners
Connect your project to the largest dataset of its kind.

Are you a scientist or researcher working to improve energy use, building science, or public health? We want to help.

Email us at

Please include:

  • Your name, role and the name of the institution/organization you are affiliated with.
  • What is your research about? How will our data help?
  • When do you need access by based on your timelines?
  • Will the research be used for the public good? Will it be made available to the public?

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