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Three Easy DIY Home Décor Projects For the Weekend

Look no further than the ecobee Smart Owner community for the inspiration you need for your next DIY home décor project.

by ecobee on 08/04/2022 in Home & Design

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Modern homespace for home decor

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Homeownership is a journey, and transforming your space into a place of comfort and calm for your family to enjoy doesn’t have to be complicated.

A few simple home décor choices can elevate the mood of a room while soothing the stresses of everyday life. Introducing a mix of textures, colors, and materials can turn even the dullest nook in your house into a focal point. For avid DIYers, even the drabbest rooms can be made cheerful and welcoming with a little effort. A few coats of fresh paint, some styling tricks, and an enterprising attitude can result in dramatic changes.

Not sure what home décor project to tackle next? The ecobee Smart Owner community is full of DIYers creating amazing home interiors.

Here are three easy DIY home décor projects to try this weekend.

Transforming your space into a place of comfort and calm for your family to enjoy doesn't have to be complicated.

1) Build a modern wood accent wall to update your living room.

Wood paneling has come a long way. The modern wood accent walls of today look refined and elegant compared to the artificial wood paneling of the 70s and 80s you may remember from the basement or rec room of your childhood home. Pulling inspiration from mid-century modern design, wood slat walls can add a focal point to any room that recalls a stay at a high-end boutique hotel. Design decisions you’ll want to make before you get started are choosing between vertical or horizontal wood slats, what color to stain your wood slats, and what quality of wood to purchase. Watch Peony and Honey’s DIY slat wall transformation for more tips.

While this isn’t a difficult DIY project, you will need some patience for measuring, and some tools like a table saw, miter saw, level, and lumber.

2) Frame your favorite photos for a gallery wall that inspires.

Memories are priceless, so why keep them locked away in a dusty photo album or on your phone? Personalize your home with photographs from family vacations or your favorite artwork displayed tastefully. Gallery walls can take many directions but if you’re unsure how to start, try sticking to a common theme or color palette. Decide if you want even rows or a more organic arrangement. Photos and prints can be easily swapped out to update the look of your gallery wall, making this a flexible way to display your growing collection.

To get started with your gallery wall, you’ll need a collection of photographs or art you love, a variety of frames that go together, a level, drywall plugs, a hammer or screwdriver, and nails or screws.

3) Paint an arch for added drama.

Curves and archways are everywhere right now in home design. While remodeling an entryway may not be an option for every homeowner, painting an arch is an easy project that doesn’t have to break the bank. As @spacesbybrennan explains, “the space at the bottom of the stairs was begging for some character, so I painted this half-arch.” An arch, or half-arch, painted in a dramatic color or tone can add a sense of playfulness while defining an otherwise forgotten corner of your home.

For this easy DIY project, you’ll need all your usual paint supplies plus string, painter’s tape, a straight edge, a pencil, and a level to get started.

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