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The Benefits of Buying Refurbished Products

Why buying a refurbished product might be best for you.

by ecobee on 02/08/2022 in Better Planet

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You might not have considered it before, but there are many benefits to buying refurbished technology—for you and the planet.

If you’re unfamiliar with refurbished products, here are a few reasons for why buying refurbished might be right for you.

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1) Tried and tested for quality.

A refurbished product is one that has been thoroughly inspected after it was returned to the manufacturer. Some may not have even had any defects—they were just opened before being returned, so they can’t be sold as brand new. In order to resell it, the returned product gets tested and repaired to reach the buyer in like-new condition. Products refurbished by the factory or manufacturer are usually your best bet as they have higher quality standards.

To ensure high quality, certain manufacturers also offer warranties for their refurbished products. At ecobee, our Certified Refurbished ecobee smart thermostats have the same three-year limited warranty as brand-new ones. They’re inspected and tested by ecobee engineers to ensure they also pass the same quality assurance test as brand-new smart thermostats.

Image of e-waste, with computer equipment piled up.

2) Lower the strain on the environment.

According to a report from the UN, just under 54 million tonnes of e-waste was dumped globally, and only 17% of it was recycled in 2019. This e-waste often reaches low and middle-income countries where it has devastating effects on the environment and health of workers who process it.

With mounting volumes of production and disposal, the world faces what one recent international forum described as a mounting ‘tsunami of e-waste'.

- Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General

Most electronics parts are not biodegradable, so by renewing the life of an electronic product, we can prevent it from reaching the landfill.

Refurbished products also lower the strain on the environment for raw materials. Instead of needing a full new set of parts, refurbished products replace the faulty parts, reducing the need for parts and materials. From production to disposal, refurbished products reduce the strain on the environment.

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3) Sold at a lower price.

For many, the most attractive benefit of buying refurbished products is the price. Although the discount depends on the type of product, where you’re buying from, and the condition of the final product after repairs, refurbs are typically priced lower than new models.

Comparing prices with quality across retailers can be more time-consuming than buying brand new, so choosing reliable retailers with a strong return policy is essential. Most brands, like ecobee, have refurbished products on their website, so you can shop directly. It’s also worth checking whether all the accessories you need (e.g. charger, etc.), are included in the package, which most reliable manufacturers offer.

If you value spending less on a tried-and-tested and more environmentally friendly product, refurbished electronics are a budget-friendly option to consider. When you’re making your checklist to ensure you get the best deal, be sure to include warranty, retailer reliability, return policy, and whether everything you need is included.

Check out our Certified Refurbished smart thermostats, which check all the boxes, on

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