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How ecobee Is Leading the Charge in Sustainable Innovation

Explore ecobee's groundbreaking sustainability initiatives, shaping a greener future with innovative smart technology.

by ecobee on 04/20/2024 in Better Planet

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At ecobee, sustainability is more than just a buzzword; it's woven into the fabric of our identity. Since the beginning, we've led the charge in environmental stewardship, pioneering innovative solutions to shrink our carbon footprint and uplift communities. Standing on three pillars—Sustainability Built-In, Sustainable Lives, and Community Impact—we've been dedicated to making a lasting difference in the world. From the outset, ecobee thermostats have been driving forces in reducing environmental impact. Our devices have saved an impressive 28.8 TWh of energy and prevented 5.6 million tons of CO2e emissions, showcasing the tangible impact of our commitment to sustainability on a global scale.

Our dedication extends beyond energy savings—it's ingrained in every aspect of our operations. From responsibly sourcing raw materials to considering the end-of-life cycle of our products, we prioritize eco-conscious practices at every turn. Our Community Impact programs have touched the lives of over 35,000 families with free thermostats, underlining our commitment to making a meaningful difference.

Behind our sustainability efforts are passionate individuals driving our Planet Positive mission forward. Let's explore the impactful contributions of these dedicated team members and the innovative initiatives they have led to shape a brighter, more sustainable future.

Stuart Lombard, founder and former CEO of ecobee.

Pioneering Sustainability: Shaping the Smart Home Landscape

In the early days of ecobee, our founder, Stuart Lombard, recognized an opportunity to innovate while making a positive impact on the environment. Lombard envisioned a company that not only sold smart thermostats but also helped people save money and reduce their environmental footprint. This vision led to pioneering initiatives like Donate Your Data, allowing ecobee users to anonymously contribute their thermostat data to scientific research, advancing energy efficiency and sustainable living practices.

Revolutionizing Packaging: Reducing Waste One Box at a Time

Inspired by her personal commitment to reducing waste and living cleaner, Laura Gillepsie, Senior Tech Support Specialist, embarked on a journey to align her passion for composting with ecobee's sustainability goals. Recognizing the opportunity to make a tangible difference, Gillepsie wholeheartedly embraced the challenge of revolutionizing our packaging practices.

At the heart of Gillepsie's efforts was the adoption of vermicomposting methods, a practice that utilizes worms to break down organic materials into nutrient-rich compost. By introducing this eco-friendly approach to packaging disposal, she aimed to drastically reduce the amount of waste generated by our operations. Moreover, Gillepsie championed the use of recyclable materials in our product packaging, ensuring that every component of our packaging was designed with sustainability in mind.

Two hands holding the packaging that encases the thermostat and parts for installation inside the box.

Innovating for Energy Efficiency: Empowering Homeowners to Save

Michael Sinclair, Director of Product, Energy, is driven by the conviction that energy efficiency lies at the core of a sustainable future. Under Sinclair's guidance, ecobee has introduced ground-breaking features like eco+, designed to optimize energy usage and enhance cost-effectiveness for consumers.

Sinclair's commitment to sustainability extends to the strategic development of ecobee thermostats, with an emphasis on compatibility with the next generation of high-efficiency heat pumps. Recognizing the pivotal role of these advanced heat pumps in driving the electrification of heating systems, Sinclair emphasized, “The electrification of heating is critical to reducing residential carbon emissions and fighting climate change."

The electrification of heating is critical to reducing residential carbon emissions and fighting climate change.

- Michael Sinclair, Director of Product, Energy

Empowering Community Impact: Making a Difference Beyond Our Walls

We recognize that our commitment to sustainability extends far beyond the products we create—it's ingrained in our culture of giving back to the communities we serve. Lindsay Moorcroft, Senior Talent & Brand Specialist, exemplifies this ethos as she co-leads the ecobee Acts Working Group, a team dedicated to driving sustainability initiatives beyond our corporate walls. Moorcroft's passion for making a positive impact is palpable. "Our group has many ideas and plans that we can’t wait to get to work on! It inspires me every day to work with such smart and innovative people who truly care about our planet and each other."

Through programs like ecobee Acts, our employees are empowered to engage in volunteerism, charitable donations, and community partnerships, amplifying our impact and fostering a culture of environmental stewardship.

Team of ecobee Employees Wearing Hard Hats During a Volunteer Building Project for Habitat for Humanity.

Driving Climate Research: Harnessing the Power of Data for Good

Harnessing data from our smart thermostats, ecobee drives advancements in energy science and climate research. Azalfa Shafiq, Product Marketing Specialist, advocates for utilizing this data to inform urban planning and government policies, particularly in mitigating extreme indoor heat. Shafiq emphasized, "With ecobee data, researchers have been able to make urban planning recommendations and inform government support policies to protect from conditions like extreme indoor heat."

Customers can join ecobee's Donate Your Data program to contribute to these vital research efforts. ecobee continues to drive positive change and shape a sustainable future with data-driven innovation.

Headshot of ecobee president Greg Fyke.

Innovating for a Sustainable Tomorrow

President Greg Fyke’s vision for ecobee emphasizes sustainability and innovation as part of how we provide value and seamless experiences to customers. “Sustainability isn’t just a goal; it’s a fundamental principle ingrained in everything we do.” This principle has guided ecobee’s evolution, from the initial Smart Thermostat to the recent Smart Doorbell Camera launch, which have been shaped by listening closely to customer values.

Fyke elaborates on ecobee’s approach, stating, “We’ve adapted a general philosophy to build our products to be built to last and be able to adapt to the future.” This philosophy includes intentional design choices to ensure products are durable and capable of receiving ongoing software updates, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Recognizing the challenges of predicting the future accurately, Fyke asserts, “One thing we know is that our customers are going to want to be comfortable...have a reliable source of energy, and have products that are built to stand the test of time.” These customer needs inform ecobee’s product development strategy, guiding the creation of products that prioritize longevity and efficiency.

ecobee’s commitment to sustainability drives continuous innovation, ensuring that each product and initiative aligns with the company’s mission to improve everyday life while creating a more sustainable world.

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