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Father’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Dad

by ecobee on 06/07/2021 in Life & Family

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Father with his children.

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Let’s admit it, dads can be difficult to shop for. What can you get to show your appreciation for all the father figure in your life has done for you? And how can you be sure dad will actually use, and love, the gift you pick for him?

This Father’s Day, we hope we can help. We know each dad is unique and special, so we’ve picked out gift suggestions to fit their unique personality. From dads who love tech to dads who love their armchair, there’s a gift for every dad out there.

1) The Cool Dad – SmartThermostat with voice control

Cool Dads usually don’t know how cool they are. Maybe they’re the ones who are a little lax on curfew. Who know all the best restaurants in town. Who rock a pair of aviator sunglasses and a vintage leather jacket. Or maybe they’re just The Cool Dad because they’ve always been an inspiring figure in your life to look up to.

This year, dad can not only look cool, but feel cool too. The easiest way to do that is with a home set to a temperature that won’t cramp his style. ecobee's SmartThermostat with voice control lets dad monitor and control his home’s temperature from anywhere with an iOS or Android device. He can save up to 23% on energy costs1 and help the planet out too, and there’s nothing cooler than that.

This year, dad can not only look cool, but feel cool too.
Image of a dad with his dog.

2) The Protective Dad – SmartCamera with voice control

Some dads just like to know it all, like what their kids are up to in the playroom or who their dog is barking at. These dads are incredible because they care so much. They value safety and protection, and always have the backs of the people they care about.

So why not get a gift that gives dad even more peace of mind? With a SmartCamera with voice control, he can check in on the kids or be alerted when someone comes home. He’ll get a full 180º field of view, 1080p image quality day or night, and 30-day video history. SmartCamera even detects the sound of a smoke alarm, so Dad can be assured his home and the people he loves are safe.

3) The Outdoorsy Dad – SmartSensor for doors and windows

Fishing. Camping. Skiing. Hiking. Biking. Golfing. Some dads love being outdoors, and it shows. Their weekend calendars are filled with activities and outings, and they’re always thinking about the newest gear to buy or mountain to conquer.

With dads who are always coming in and out of the house, SmartSensors for doors and windows are a great gift idea. When paired with Smart Security, these can automatically detect when dad has left a door or window open and alert him. Dads can go ahead and tumble out into the backyard without worrying about leaving a door open. The breeze is welcome and so is the peace of mind.

Image of a dad relaxing at home.

4) The Indoorsy Dad – SmartSensor

Cooking. Renovating. Repairing. Watching the big game. Watching Saturday morning cartoons with the family. For some dads, home truly is where the heart is. Their pride and joy is the new kitchen renovation, or their tried-and-true leather recliner to enjoy the newest episode of their favorite TV show.

For these dads, being comfortable and cozy is key. ecobee's SmartSensor does just that – it keeps important rooms comfortable and manages hot or cold spots in the home. Dads can place a SmartSensor just about anywhere to make sure the room is the temperature they choose. Their man cave might not have to feel like a cave anymore.

Their man cave might not have to feel like a cave anymore.

5) The Tech Dad – Smart Security

The tech-loving dad is passionate about his gear. He reads the latest reviews and browses the electronics section just for fun.

Tech dads will love a gift that’s just as innovative as they are, so a subscription to ecobee's Smart Security might be right up their alley. These dads will be wowed by being able to walk into their home without codes, keypads, or false alarms. With Smart Security, an ecobee SmartCamera will be able to recognize him and any family member, too. He’ll love showing off his new home monitoring solution to family, friends, and delivery people alike.

All dads have unique personalities, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. That’s what makes them so special. But there’s one thing they do all have in common. No matter what gift you decide to give, they’re sure to appreciate the sentiment and thoughtfulness the most. Whether you have a Cool, Protective, Outdoorsy, Indoorsy, or Tech Dad, at the end of the day, they’re all just dad. And that’s what we celebrate.

1 Compared to a hold of 72°F/22°C.

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