SmartSensor 2-Pack

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SmartSensor 2-Pack

The remote thermostat sensor with a sixth sense for comfort and peace of mind.

The remote thermostat sensor with a sixth sense for comfort and peace of mind.

Thoughtfully designed for balanced comfort and well-being.

Place sensors to keep important rooms comfortable and manage hot or cold spots. SmartSensor works with ecobee Smart Security for reassurance that everything’s running smoothly at home.

Works with ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium, Smart Thermostat Enhanced, SmartThermostat with voice control, ecobee3 lite, ecobee4, and ecobee3.

  • Temperature and occupancy detection
  • Follow Me mode for comfort that stays with you
  • Saves energy when you’re away
  • Wirelessly connects to all ecobee devices
  • No wires. Installs in seconds
  • Freeze Detection
Smart home sensors overview

Watch as our sensors adapt to your presence for comfort in the rooms you use most.

SmartSensor video

Balanced Comfort and energy savings.

Keeps important rooms comfortable.

SmartSensor sets the temperature for comfort in the rooms that matter most and helps balance your home’s temperature by managing hot or cold spots.

smart home comfort and security
smart home comfort and security
smart sensor for nursery
smart home security alerts
Smart home security when away
SmartThermostat with voice control laying on lush, verdant backdrop symbolizing ecobee's commitment to sustainable living through technology.

eco+ makes saving energy automatic.

Unlock even more energy savings and enhanced comfort with eco+, our next-generation software that elevates the world’s most advanced smart thermostat.

  • Reduces strain on the electricity grid.¹
  • Automatically heats or cools when electricity is cheaper and cleaner.¹
  • Adjusts for comfort in high and low humidity.
  • Learns your routine and recommends changes to your thermostat schedule.
Learn more about eco+

Features & specs
Heightened senses for enhanced comfort.

Get the most from your SmartSensor 2-pack.

Get a one-month free trial of the Complete plan when you register your device. Learn more about ecobee Smart Security.

ecobee Smart Security
No Plan
$50/year (save $10)
$90/year (save $30)
Works with ecobee cameras and thermostats to secure your home and help you save on energy. A red dashA green checkmarkA green checkmark
Top security features

In case of an incident, Smart Security notifies a monitoring center agent who will review the case and contact your local 911 center should emergency assistance be required.

A red dashA red dashA green checkmark

Customers with 24/7 Professional Monitoring (U.S. only) may be eligible for a 10% discount on home or rental insurance. Contact your home insurance provider to see if it offers a discount for homes and apartments with professionally monitored alarm systems. Once you have subscribed to the ecobee Smart Security Complete plan, follow these steps to get a professional monitoring insurance certificate from ecobee and share it with your insurance provider.

A red dashA red dashA green checkmark
Motion and object-based detection

Get alerts when activity is detected when the system is armed.

A red dashA green checkmarkA green checkmark

Connect with harmonious solutions for the whole home.

ecobee sensors work with ecobee thermostats, cameras, and ecobee Smart Security, the responsive home monitoring solution, for whole home comfort and peace of mind.

smart camera smart thermostats and smart sensors in a product array.
smart camera smart thermostats and smart sensors in a product array.

1) SmartCamera with voice control

Check in when sensors detect in-home activity when you’re away. The 1080p wide-angle lens ensures a clear view.

2) SmartSensor for doors and windows

Sends notifications when doors and windows are opened and alerts when activity is detected when you’re not home. Check in live with the camera.

3) SmartSensor

Sets the temperature for comfort in the rooms that matter most and works with thermostats and cameras to extend home monitoring throughout the home.

4) SmartThermostat with voice control

Works with sensors to monitor for any unexpected activity and notifies you of sudden temperature drops that could result in burst pipes.

Enjoy peace of mind. ecobee customers are invited to try ecobee Smart Security free for 1 month.

Learn more

Use the app to effortlessly connect SmartSensor with ecobee thermostats.

SmartSensor included with SmartThermostat for enhanced comfort.

SmartThermostat with voice control learns and adapts to your schedule and delivers comfort where it counts with included SmartSensor.

  • Control from anywhere on iOS and Android.
  • Save 23%* on annual energy costs.
  • Alexa Built-in.
  • Apple HomeKit + more integrations.
Smart thermostat with voice control
$49.99 in bundle savings*
Grow your whole home ecosystem with the Motion & Occupancy Bundle.
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* Compared to a hold of 72°F/22°C.

1 Where applicable.

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