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Case Study
Superior Automotive Group

For 30 years, Superior has helped thousands of customers find the perfect vehicle for any need. With 13 automotive and 6 tractor dealerships across Arkansas, managing heating and cooling was a challenging task thanks to old thermostats. For an upgrade, Superior installed ecobee SmartBuildings across all their locations.


Team Access
Teamwork makes the dream work

Divide and conquer by designating your team members to your registered buildings and thermostats.

Mobile App
Control everywhere from anywhere

Gives you access and control over each and every thermostat, no matter where you are.

Reliable Data
A closer look at your energy usage

Data access at your fingertips so you take actions and adjust your settings.

Customer Story

"The portal is very intuitive and easy to use... and it's getting better."

— Conner Dhose, Digital Services Manager

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Getting control of heating & cooling

Stores were frequently running in extremes, setpoints were inconsistent, and many units were operating all night when no one was around. Conner, Superior's Digital Services Manager, considered many options - including other commercial building automation systems that were too expensive and complicated. What Superior needed was simple: smart Wi-Fi thermostats that can be remotely controlled all in one app.

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Automation without complications

ecobee SmartBuildings and smart thermostats were exactly the lightweight yet powerful solution Superior needed. Superior's own staff installed 150 smart thermostats using ecobee easy-to-follow installation guide included in every box.

ecobee remote SmartSensors — which detect temperature and occupancy — were strategically placed to optimize employee comfort across the entire facility, balancing temperatures even in non-ideal locations. All ecobee thermostats are then controlled from the SmartBuildings portal, accessed through the web or via mobile app.

Improvements from day one

With all locations centrally controlled via SmartBuildings, Superior scheduled a consistent 72F at all retail facilities, and setbacks during off hours. In just a few months, Superior has seen consistent $400/month reductions on electric bills at one of their tractor dealerships. Conner regularly accesses his runtime and climate data through the SmartBuildings portal to conduct analysis and make adjustments on-the-go. In addition, Superior employee reports improved comfort and employee satisfaction with the use of ecobee SmartSensors.

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