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For All The Places We Call Home

by on January 18, 2018

Across North America, millions of people rely on public housing for a place to call home. Keeping these buildings efficient, healthy and comfortable is a continuous effort.

That’s why we donated over 700 ecobee Smart Thermostats and Room Sensors to Toronto Community Housing.

We found a way to help.

The team at ecobee has partnered with a local environmental group, The Atmospheric Fund, and Toronto Community Housing in support of an energy efficiency project. Four buildings, home to seniors and families, were retrofitted to achieve energy, emissions and cost reductions.

Before this project, the buildings were centrally heated and due to old, inefficient equipment, the average indoor temperature in the winter was 27˚C (80˚F) – that’s right, winter. Residents relied on opening windows if the temperature inside grew too warm. Others struggled with drafty windows and doors, facing cold apartments and relying on plug-in heaters to warm up.

With ecobee3 Smart Thermostats, residents can now control their own temperature and adjust for their personal preference, reducing energy use and improving comfort. By connecting the thermostats to Wi-Fi, building managers and The Atmospheric Fund can monitor conditions and use this insight to inform future upgrades.

Home is home.

At ecobee we believe all homes need to be sustainable for the future. That’s why we started A Better Tomorrow. Learn more about how we’re taking action in our community and using our technology to address the challenges that affect us all.