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Meet our award-winning line of smart thermostats.

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2016 Hardware of the year

"The best Wi-Fi thermostat you can buy today"

"There's no comparison"

Best Smart Thermostat


  • Built-in Amazon Alexa for accessible voice control
  • Supports dehumidifer / humidifier
  • Works with ecobee Room Sensors™

ecobee3 lite

  • Great value for greater savings and comfort
  • Ideal for multi-family buildings
  • Works with ecobee Room Sensors™


  • Can monitor walk-in fridges/freezers with wired sensors
  • Triggers automatic thermostat response for temperature alerts
  • Ideal for restaurants and retail buildings

Room Sensors

  • Detects occupancy and temperature
  • Can trigger automatic energy setbacks
  • Can be mounted on wall or stand
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ecobee Smart Thermostats work with SmartBuildings for more connectivity, convenience, and insight. Get automatic feature updates, remote equipment management, energy data visualizations, and more.

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