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Manage all your buildings’ thermostats in one place

SmartBuildings is subscription-based thermostat management software for commercial and multi-family buildings from ecobee. Built to optimize savings and comfort, effortlessly.

  • Occupants stay comfortable
  • Optimized energy savings
  • Proactive equipment alerts
  • Quick bulk updates
  • Multi-user access and permissions
  • Remote thermostat management
Tailored to Your Business Needs

The features to keep up with any industry

SmartBuildings is designed for buildings and business of all types. A customizable portal and award-winning smart devices keep your customers comfortable, and your maintenance routine easy.

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Multi-use residences and facilities

For buildings with multi-family and senior residents, SmartBuildings provides visibility on every thermostat and remote features for anytime, anywhere control. Customized alerts are designed to help prevent leaks and other catastrophic events. All the attention and care, without needing to be there in person.

Churches, schools, and community spaces icon

Churches, schools, and community spaces

Buildings aren’t occupied 24/7. There’s a time for comfort, and a time for savings. To help make the most out of a tight budget, SmartBuildings lets you adjust temperatures by date and time ahead of events and holidays. So you can dedicate less to energy costs, and more for initiatives that matter.

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Shoppers need to be comfortable—but with inventory and staff to manage, it’s not always easy to keep top-of-mind. SmartBuildings allows you to manage thermostats in all locations in one place, for one less thing to worry about. For even more control, use passcodes to limit how much thermostats can be adjusted.

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A good host's top priority is their guests' comfort, not back-of-house operations. Receive alerts when temperatures get too high or low for both your customers and specific equipment like freezers. For multi-location needs, SmartBuildings provides the tools to update and maintain schedules remotely.

Award-winning hardware

Works with our award winning thermostats

One web portal to take care of all your thermostat management needs. Access on any mobile or desktop device for maximum impact, with minimal effort.

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Software You Can Count On

Features for simple, powerful, cloud-based energy management

SmartBuildings brings all your ecobee Smart Thermostats and Room Sensors together for a beautiful, seamless, and uncompromising experience.

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Software You Can Count On
Client Stories

Proven to transform your operations

Cross-country locations? Managed. Bulk installations? No problem. Let our clients walk you through their experience with SmartBuildings.

Kitchen Stuff Plus
Kitchen Stuff Plus

"The ecobee customer service team was a pleasure to work with – incredibly responsive and helpful."

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Jack in the box

“The ecobee installation was a fast and straightforward process.”

High Street Church
High Street Church

“I knew there was going to be services after the sale. We just felt more comfortable with ecobee.”

Superior Automotive Group
Superior Automotive Group

“The portal is very intuitive and easy to use, and it’s getting better.”

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