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Manage all your buildings’ thermostats in one place

SmartBuildings is a thermostat management software for multi-site businesses from ecobee. Built to optimize for savings and comfort, effortlessly.

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Maximize both comfort and savings

SmartBuildings connects ecobee smart thermostats with a cloud-based software built for access anywhere, anytime. Powerful controls allow you to schedule them to optimize for comfort when it matters, and savings when it doesn’t.

Maximize Comfort and Savings

Resolve issues before they become problems

No more unnecessary maintenance costs. A clean, intuitive interface provides visibility at a glance. Adjust HVAC settings across hundreds of devices in a few clicks. Customize alerts and notifications to your facilities' needs to keep things running smoothly.

Built for businesses of all sizes and sectors

SmartBuildings can manage any number of thermostats. Each ecobee thermostat model was designed to accommodate specific industry needs—making SmartBuildings the ideal solution for retail, schools, hotels, restaurants, multi-family buildings, and more.

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All the controls you need in one place

More connectivity, convenience, and insight. Get automatic feature updates, remote equipment management, data visualizations, and more with SmartBuildings.

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Award-winning hardware

Works with all ecobee thermostats

SmartBuildings works with all ecobee smart thermostats. Built to intelligently optimize energy using ecobee signature sensor technology, while keeping your occupants comfortable.

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Proven to transform your operations

Cross-country locations? Managed. Bulk installations? No problem. Let our clients walk you through their experience with SmartBuildings.

Kitchen Stuff Plus

"It paid for itself in 12 months. The interface is extremely intuitive and easy to understand."

Jack in the box

"Installation was fast and straightforward, and saved us $15,000 in inventory."

Metal Works

“My favourite thing about ecobee is how much time, effort and headache it saves me.”

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