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Why Home Air Filters Can Improve Your Health

by ecobee on 08/06/2020 in Life & Family

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As we prepare for new routines and changing family schedules, staying healthy and safe continues to be top of mind. At a time when things may feel out of our control, peace of mind can be found in discovering small ways to improve the health and comfort our families.

Many of us have been spending more time than usual at home these days. This means the quality of the air we breathe while working, living, and parenting within the four walls of home is more important than ever.

Air Filter Delivery Service Subscription | ecobee

The science behind indoor home health

When’s the last time you changed your home’s air filter? This simple yet essential task can be forgotten on our growing seasonal to-do lists, but the benefits of indoor air quality are critical to overall home health. Studies show that air filtration is an effective way to keep your family healthy.* It’s one easy update we can all make to help ensure the air we’re breathing meets the quality levels required by our children, aging parents, and beloved pets.

Find exactly what you need

If you’re looking for improved air quality, yet feeling unsure about what kind of filter best suits your family’s needs, you’re not alone. 49% of ecobee customers aren't sure that they're choosing the right filter quality or changing it at the right time.

ecobee Air Filters is a subscription service that can help you breathe easy. ecobee does the work of finding the best filter for you based on your local climate and unique indoor air quality needs. Virtually all standard and even custom sizes are available. Better yet, we’ll deliver them in fully recyclable packaging right to your door ahead of your home’s filter change schedule.

Wondering if regularly changing your air filter is a necessity or a nice-to-have? Here are four benefits associated with air filter replacement:

1) Decrease virus-carrying particles

Specially designed for high quality air filtration, MERV 13 air filters are the best choice for families with loved ones suffering from asthma. Studies suggest that they can decrease the number of pathogenic particles in your home’s air, including up to 87% of virus-carrying particles.* Upgrading to a MERV 13 air filter is an easy way to maintain good home hygiene by helping to eliminate everyday pollutants.

2) Allergy relief

Managing allergies is a seasonal challenge for many families. The good news is homeowners can out-smart their seasonal allergies and find some much-needed relief by regularly replacing their air filters. Although we can’t control what we’re breathing while outdoors, we can try and minimize the allergens we encounter indoors.

3) Dust control

Sometimes it may feel like there’s no end to the amount of dusting we do at home. Dust is a combination of matter, such as pet dander and dead skin cells, that’s captured in airborne particles and settles on household surfaces. Breathing in dust particles can result in personal irritations ranging from itchy eyes to sneezing or a scratchy throat.

Upgrading to a high-quality air filter and replacing it regularly will help reduce the amount of dust your family breathes in, in addition to frequent vacuuming and wiping down surfaces with a microfiber cloth.

Air Filter Delivery Service Subscription | ecobee

4) Increased energy conservation

If you’ve invested in an ecobee smart thermostat, it’s likely you’re already conserving energy. By regularly replacing your air filters, you could lower your energy consumption costs by 5-15%*** and prevent expensive repairs.

Supported by allergy experts and conservationists alike, there are many home air filters to choose from that can help improve the indoor air quality of your living space. Learn more about ecobee Air Filters as a convenient solution for your family’s needs.

* Per "HVAC filtration and the Wells-Riley approach to assessing risks of infectious airborne diseases", National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) Foundation, dated March 2012. Full report available [here]( "Air filters and health").

** Compared to a hold of 72°F/22°C.

*** Per U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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