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The Smart Way to Think About Accessibility

Smart devices make daily life easier and can be a game-changer for people with disabilities.

by ecobee on 01/18/2022 in Experts

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Woman in wheelchair using smartphone at a café, with her laptop and coffee in front of her.

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In our journey to reimagine the everyday in ways beyond simple improvements, we continually listen to what experts have to say.

We recently spoke with Dave Dame, a seasoned technology executive with cerebral palsy who is passionate about designing and developing hardware and software for users of all abilities. In his role, he strives to bring inclusion and accessibility to the forefront.

ecobee products are designed to provide a new level of comfort to smart homes. And they can be a game-changer for the millions of people in North America who live with a disability.

If you’re wondering how to make your home more accessible for people who are aging or have disabilities, we can help you start. Here are some ways ecobee devices work to make daily life more convenient.

Companies need to continually change to compete. They need to be able to react to the market, technology, and their customers.

- Dave Dame

Overhead shot of woman adjusting her ecobee thermostat from the ecobee app on her phone.

ecobee smart thermostats help maximize comfort at home.

The ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control can proactively manage your home temperature in a way that regular thermostats can’t: through an app, from anywhere in the world.

Plus, ecobee smart thermostats learn, and adapt to, your routine, making intelligent decisions that enhance your comfort without requiring constant hands-on changes. That means people with mobility issues no longer need to go to their thermostat to change the temperature, for example. Caregivers can also monitor their client, patient, or parent’s home from anywhere to ensure their comfort and enable their independence.

Devices with voice control allow you to do more, hands-free.

Smart devices with voice control, like ecobee SmartThermostat and SmartCamera, are convenient for people with limited mobility, low vision, or who simply don't like to use mobile devices. All they need to do is use a voice command with the leading voice assistants. You can change the temperature, play music, get directions, ask questions, and more.

Know what’s happening at home, from anywhere.

With ecobee Smart Security, ecobee devices and sensors can send alerts to your phone when they detect movement, so you don’t need to go to other rooms to check what’s happening. Know when a door is opened, motion is detected, or a smoke alarm goes off. Disarm or arm your home and check in on SmartCamera’s live video feed all from your phone, too. Smart Security will even warn you if your home is too hot, too cold, or too humid so you’re protected against more than just intruders.

Headshot of Dave Dame, technology and accessibility expert.
If you see the world differently, then you have a different world available to you.

- Dave Dame

For us, this is just the beginning. A connected home isn’t just smart: it learns, adjusts, and adapts based on the needs of our customers, and we plan to deliver even more complete solutions in the future.

To learn more about our journey, check out our website.

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