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Sweet Holiday Moments with ecobee SmartCamera

Don’t miss a moment this holiday season with ecobee SmartCamera.

by ecobee on 12/21/2021 in Smart Home & Tech

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Small child looking at a gingerbread house in the window.

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This holiday season, ecobee Smart Owners are more excited than ever. Trees are trimmed, presents are wrapped, and families are gathering to create new holiday memories. Whether you’re enjoying time-tested traditions or celebrating your first Christmas in a new home, we know you won’t want to miss a moment.

Belinda Love Lee, ecobee Smart Owner and busy mom, shared how her ecobee SmartCamera with voice control was an extra set of eyes this holiday season. From capturing sweet holiday moments that otherwise would have been missed, to finding out who really ate all the jellybeans off the gingerbread house, SmartCamera was there to follow the action. Check out our top three ways to capture sweet holiday moments with ecobee SmartCamera.

1. Stream your favorite holiday playlist with Spotify.

Dance party, anyone? Stream your favorite holiday music with Spotify and capture your family’s best dance moves. Both ecobee SmartCamera and ecobee SmartThermostat work with Spotify so you can stream the holiday classics from Raffi to Mariah. SmartCamera’s 180-degree field of view will ensure even your wildest dance moves can be recorded for posterity.

2. Find out who is sneaking extra Christmas cookies.

Dad, dog, or toddler? Find out who really ate the gingerbread house. With so much to do this holiday season, let ecobee SmartCamera be your extra set of eyes. Hit rewind on funny moments and download must-see clips to share with family members both near and far. Easily set up an Activity Zone for your SmartCamera in the ecobee app to get notified of present peekers, Santa’s arrival, and general holiday mischief.

3. Smart Focus is there for the most memorable moments.

Nothing is more magical than Christmas morning with the ones you love. Unwrap presents with the whole family and know Smart Focus is there to pan, tilt, and zoom in on all the action. Smart Focus knows when a person has entered the frame and adjusts automatically to keep them front and center. Baby’s first Christmas can be easily recorded, saved and shared.

Want to be featured in an upcoming blog? Tag us on social with #myecobeehome and share your top holiday moments. Get ecobee SmartCamera with voice control on sale now through January 4th, 2022, while supplies last only on to capture the magic.

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