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How to Make Spring Cleaning More Enjoyable

by ecobee on 04/16/2021 in Life & Family

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Image of family mopping and sweeping.

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When the weather finally starts getting warmer after a long winter, cleaning might be the last thing you want to do. But with many of us at home more than ever this year, spring cleaning can help your family enjoy your space to the fullest. And there are a few things you can do to make it fun for the entire family.

Here are five ways to get excited about spring cleaning this year. And don’t forget to check out our handy guide for getting your home ready for spring.

Image of a planted pot DIY.

1) Repurpose clutter into something beautiful.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean throwing out clutter that you no longer use. Instead, unleash your inner artist and discover new ways to repurpose home décor, furniture, or other miscellaneous items.

Try transforming your wire hangers into decorative wreaths or even turn outgrown clothing into pillows – the possibilities are endless. If you’re interested in upcycling old clothing into a decorative pillow, the DIY Network recommends using t-shirt fabric that has a bit of stretch to it.

By upcycling old items, you’ll be giving new life to items that could have ended up in landfills.
Image of family dancing while vacuuming.

2) Turn spring cleaning into a dance party.

We get it – cleaning can be repetitive. But singing and dancing to music can help make cleaning more enjoyable. Play music to get your mood up and your dance moves down. With ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control and SmartCamera with voice control, use Spotify Connect and Alexa Built-in to play your favorite tunes.

Create your own cleaning playlist or discover something new like ecobee’s spring playlist, selected by ecobee SmartOwners. SmartThermostat and SmartCamera are voice controlled, so playing your favourite song is as easy as saying, “Alexa, play Walking on Sunshine”.

Take it to the next level by challenging yourself to complete tasks such as wiping down the countertops in the kitchen or sweeping a section of your home before a song is done. You’ll be done before you know it.

Image of organized spice rack.

3) Convert your to-do list into a game.

Whether it’s a friendly competition or a team challenge, turning tasks into fun little games can motivate the entire family. Kids don’t like cleaning any more than you do, but turning spring cleaning into a game might make it a little more enjoyable.

If you’re cleaning with kids, create a timed race to complete your tasks. The person who finishes the task first can get a special treat or can choose the next song to play.

The more help you can get, the quicker you’ll be done your to-do list while still having fun cleaning your home.

Another neat game is to let your child organize the spice cabinet, which will familiarize your kids with the different ingredients your family uses in cooking. Who knows, maybe this will spark their inner chef.

If you're cleaning on your own, choose an audiobook or podcast that you can only listen to while cleaning to give yourself something to look forward to.

Image of a fitness watch.

4) Did someone say workout?

Believe it or not, cleaning burns calories. On average, you can burn 99 to 300 calories* per hour from household cleaning. So why not get two things done at once during your spring cleaning and get in a fantastic workout?

Grab your fitness tracker or pedometer to easily track your progress. Try setting a goal for your personal fitness journey, whether that’s to burn a specific number of calories or achieve a certain number of steps. The key is to add more movement, steps, and speed than what you’re typically used to during the cleaning process. This physical activity can easily translate to a workout when you put your mind to it.

Image of someone relaxing in the bath.

5) Treat yourself – because you deserve it.

Spring cleaning is no small task. That’s why it’s important to reward yourself when you accomplish tasks from your to-do list. You’re more likely to feel motivated when cleaning if you know there’s a special reward at the finish line. Whether it’s an ice cream cone or a spa day at home, you deserve to be rewarded for all your hard work.

With all these tips in mind on how to make spring cleaning a little more enjoyable, now it can be something the family looks forward to. Get moving and get creative by doing things slightly different this year. And don’t forget to enjoy the process.

  • Per WebMD. Calories burnt vary by weight, intensity, and type of activity.

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