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Climate Change Trivia For Mini Planet-Protectors

by ecobee on 04/17/2019 in Better Planet

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Small changes to daily habits can make a big impact in the fight against climate change—we see it every day! Share this fun trivia quiz with the little ones in your life to discover how you can continue to go green together.

I recycle with my family and I know what items go in each bin.

a. Yes. We have City information and recycling schedules nearby in case we forget.

b. I think so, sometimes I get confused.

c. We have different bins?

When my family goes grocery shopping,

a. We bring our own reusable bags and avoid purchasing over-wrapped food.

b. We try and bring our own bags every time.

c. Honestly, we never remember to bring our own bags.

At meal time, my family tries to make things more sustainable by choosing plants over meat in our diet.

a. You bet—Meatless Mondays for the win!

b. Usually! We try to make healthy food swaps to cut back on meat.

c. Me? Eat veggies? No way.

When we’re finished with our meals and the leftovers are stored in the fridge, my family puts any remaining food waste into a wet bin for the compost.

a. Yes! It’s important to return important nutrients to the soil.

b. Most of the time, if we remember.

c. What’s a wet bin?

To help conserve energy, my family shuts off the lights when we’re in another room.

a. Of course, and we remind each other if someone forgets.

b. Half the time we do.

c. Never, who wants to be in the dark?

When it’s time to brush my teeth, I

a. Turn the faucet on only when I need to access water.

b. Keep the faucet turned on low for about 1 minute.

c. Let the water run from start to finish!

On days when the air conditioner’s on, we remember to shut all our windows and close the curtains.

a. Yes. Sometimes we also use fans to help circulate the cooler air so our air conditioner doesn’t have to run as hard.

b. Usually, but sometimes we miss one or two rooms.

c. Never.

When it’s colder than normal in our house, my parents

a. Encourage me to put on extra layers.

b. Make sure all the doors are shut tightly.

c. Crank up the heat!

To celebrate Earth Day, I plan on

a. Planting a tree with my family in our garden.

b. Picking up trash at the park.

c. Spending time outside with my friends.

how to fight climate change

Amazing! You’re doing an incredible job. Your next stop is to encourage your family and friends to join in your climate change actions. Real change happens when we do things together.

how to fight climate change

Way to go, you’re on track! Try your best to conserve energy and water whenever you can, and remember to choose reusable options, like refillable water bottles and containers, to help reduce your environmental footprint.

how to start taking climate action

Great start! Climate change is a big problem, but we can make a meaningful impact if we practice green behaviors in our daily lives. Use our checklist as a quick reminder to keep you and your parents on track. A little change goes a long way!

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