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eco+ transforms the way you save energy. Good for your wallet, great for the planet.


Transform the way you use your energy with eco+

Your energy use varies based on your schedule, humidity, and electricity rates. eco+ uses that information to automatically adjust your thermostat at the right time, so you stay comfortable. See that eco+ badge on your thermostat or ecobee app? That means eco+ is at work.


Works with your preferences

You’ll see the difference in your energy bill—but you won’t feel it. eco+ works with your existing comfort settings and schedule. Adjust eco+ settings anytime on your app.


Optimized based on your home’s unique energy profile

Senses when you're home or away

eco+ uses your ecobee sensors to minimize wasted energy when you are away from home and recommend schedule changes that better match your lifestyle.

Takes humidity into account

Did you know humidity can affect the feels-like temperature? eco+ uses humidity data to more accurately optimize for comfort and savings.

Optimizing against Electricity Rates

If you’re on Time-of-Use electricity rate, eco+ can help you save during peak hours.


Saving money while helping the environment

eco+ was designed with how energy is used in individual homes and communities. We provide you with extra savings while helping to prevent potential blackouts in your community. By reducing peaks of electricity on the grid, eco+ drives real environmental impact.


Got questions? We’ve got answers

eco+ is ecobee’s newest smart feature developed to increase your savings personalized to your comfort and home.

eco+ is supported on the ecobee3, ecobee3 lite, ecobee4, and ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control.

When eco+ is optimizing your heating and cooling control, the eco+ icon will appear on your thermostat’s home screen. Touch the icon for more information on how eco+ is optimizing your heating and cooling.

ecobee thermostat and mobile app with eco+ enabled

After enabling eco+, your energy saving settings can be adjusted through the Main Menu on the thermostat or the Android and iOS mobile app.

To adjust, open the Main Menu then select eco+. Next, set the slider to one of the five savings preferences: Minimum Savings, Basic Savings, Moderate Savings, Boosted Savings, and Maximum Savings. Where Minimum Savings can provide up to 3% in additional savings and Maximum Savings up to 20% in additional savings.

ecobee app with eco+ comfort slider

Savings are calculated in the same way as HomeIQ savings. For more information on how HomeIQ calculates savings and energy rating click here.

eco+ enhances Smart Home/Away by predicting when you’re likely going to be home and when you’re likely going to be away. With eco+, your ecobee thermostat will learn your schedule and make slight adjustments to improve energy efficiency whenever you’re home or away.

eco+ Smart Home/Away also tuned to your savings preferences. The greater your saving preference, the more quickly your ecobee thermostat will engage Smart Away.

By analyzing your occupancy data, eco+ will regularly send recommended changes for your schedule that better fit your busy lifestyle.

As always, your ecobee schedule is yours to program. You can chose which recommendations to accept and which to decline.

Whenever you chose to accept an eco+ recommended schedule change it may take a few days to update on your thermostat

eco+ improves Smart Recovery by pre-heating or pre-cooling your home as efficiently as possible by combining local weather data, the size of your home, equipment type, and more. Similar to Smart Recovery, eco+ will ensure your comfort while reacting more quickly to changes like weather conditions or improvements in home efficiency.

The new Feels Like Temperature Control will take humidity into account when controlling your heating and cooling.

When it’s dry, Feels Like will adjust your temperature set point slightly to keep you comfortable while saving energy.

Some utilities offer time-of-use rate plans where the cost of electricity is higher during peak hours. The Time of Use optimization feature helps minimize electric HVAC usage during peak hours to increase your energy savings.

To keep you comfortable and reduce usage during peak periods, your thermostat may pre-cool or pre-heat your home. For more savings, your temperature set point will be adjusted by a few degrees. The amount of pre-cool or pre-heating and the temperature adjustment will depend on your savings preferences and the rates in your area. When you select a higher savings setting, the temperature adjustments for pre-cooling, pre-heating, and during peak periods will be higher. Pre-cooling and pre-heating will only occur if it’s cost effective.

When optimizing for Time of Use rates, you will be able to see more information when you touch the eco+ icon on your mobile app or thermostat.

With eco+ enabled, the temperature adjustment during your utility’s energy saving events will be tailored to your savings preferences. Greater savings preferences will lead to higher temperature adjustments.

Depending on your utility program, your ecobee may pre-cool your home before an event to help maintain comfort and help reduce usage throughout the energy savings event.

You have total control to end an event anytime. To do so, adjust the temperature setpoint of the thermostat through the mobile app, a smart home integration (ex. Alexa, Homekit, Google Assistant, etc.) or at the thermostat itself.

Your savings preferences can be adjusted anytime. If you find optimizations are regularly affecting your comfort, your savings preferences can be changed to prioritize your comfort over savings.

ecobee app with eco+ comfort slider

Your utility rate plan can be found on your bill. When entering your utility information while configuring eco+, select “Having Trouble?” to view an image of your bill showing where your rate plan information is found.

If you are unsure whether you are on a time of use rate plan or not, please contact your utility’s customer care team.