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Simple, powerful, cloud-based energy management.

SmartBuildings can connect thousands of devices and buildings across the world.

Bulk scheduling

Optimize thermostats in minutes

All ecobee smart thermostats come with the same scheduling and energy optimization features. Apply the same settings across devices from anywhere in a few clicks.

“Right away, we saved 25–30% month over month. I can control the heating and cooling for each of my facilities from anywhere.”

Patrick Winkler, Weekends Only Furniture

Customized alerts

Powerful controls to prevent and correct

Equipment and temperature alerts let you know as soon as something happens, so issues can be resolved before they become costly problems.

“We were able to save about $10,000–$15,000 worth of inventory on several occasions by preventing drastic increases in freezer’s temperature.”

Sheila, Ibrahim Investment Corporation

Reliable data

Get insights into your energy usage

Track relevant temperature and humidity metrics. Visualize that data to improve occupant comfort, course-correct operations, and better optimize your energy.

“We realized we could maintain the same comfortable temperature by staggering the fan runtimes. We were astounded by the immediate energy and cost savings.”

Eric Strunk, SUPERVALU

Software you can count on

Your life made easier with SmartBuildings

SmartBuildings answers to your business' growing needs. That's how it continues to deliver return on your investment, year after year.

Convenient access

Forget the lock-box. Occupants can set their own comfort without compromising the controls you have in place.

Automatic updates

You ask, we’ll listen. New features are built with your workflow in mind. Automatic updates keep sites secure and up-to-date.

Stellar support

From installation to upgrades, our specialists make sure your devices and software work as promised.

Award-winning hardware

Works with all ecobee thermostats

SmartBuildings works with all ecobee smart thermostats. Built to intelligently optimize energy using ecobee signature sensor technology, while keeping your occupants comfortable.

Simple, transparent pricing

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