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ecobee3 lite
Live Better. Save More.

Bring home ecobee3 lite and save up to 23%* annually on your heating and cooling costs.

ENERGY STAR® certified, so you know it's good for you and the planet.

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Smarter Control

Effortless control at your fingertips.

Smarter Savings

Engineered for energy savings. Designed for you.

Sensors sold separately
  • Room Sensors Measure temperature and occupancy in the rooms they’re in to help manage hot or cold spots throughout the home.
  • More Savings Automatically adjusts your ecobee to the right mode for savings when it senses you're not home.
  • More Control Get room-specific temperature and occupancy readings with the ecobee mobile app on your iOS or Android device.
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Smarter Home

Supports your connected home to make life simpler.

Built to last

ecobee is hardwired so you'll never be left out in the cold.

Being hardwired means your thermostat isn’t relying on a battery or your HVAC equipment to charge itself (aka “power-stealing”). A little bit extra, for no extra.

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Easy Setup

Getting started is simple.

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Will it work with my home?

Yes, we are compatible with most residential heating and cooling systems.

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Can I install it myself?

You bet. Use our step-by-step guide or call our friendly support team.

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Can I get it professionally installed?

Yes, we can help connect you with certified pro installers in your area.

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ecobee3 lite understands how your home heats up and cools down, and uses wi-fi to track your local weather throughout the day. It then uses this information to determine the best way to bring your home to your desired indoor temperature when you arrive home and maintain it while minimizing how long your heating or cooling equipment runs for.

ecobee thermostats are compatible with Amazon Echo, Apple Homekit, IFTTT and many more home automation ecosystems. ecobee has a robust API and an active developer community working on new ways to integrate your thermostat into your connected home.

ecobee3 lite is constantly monitoring your equipment performance and will send you an alert if anything is not working or working sub-optimally. Similarly, ecobee3 lite can send you service reminders to help you maintain your equipment.

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Technical Specs



3.5” full-color LCD touch screen

320 x 480 pixel display

Product Dimensions


Length: 4.05 in

Width: 4.05 in

Depth: 0.84 in

Trim Plate

Length: 6.69 in

Width: 6.69 in

Depth: 0.24 in

Power Extender Kit*

Length: 2.44 in

Width: 2.36 in

Depth: 0.84 in

*Optional for installation


Gas, oil, electric, dual fuel

Conventional (2H/2C)

Heat Pump (4H/2C)

Wire Terminals







W1 (AUX 1)

W2 (AUX 2)



Connectivity & Security

Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4 GHz

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2) and Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

DHCP (dynamic) or static IP addressing

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

915 MHz


15-20 MB/month

Power Consumption

less than 3.5 VA

Apple HomeKit Enabled

Controlling this HomeKit-enabled accessory requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 9 or later.

Powering Methods

Wired 24 VAC through terminals C and Rc or Rh. Power Extender Kit (included) enables you to reliably power your thermostat without having to run a C wire.


Recyclable packaging




ROHS compliant

Temperature Range

Desired Temperature: 44° to 92°F

Display: 41° to 98°F

Sensitivity: +/- 0.9°F

Operating: 32° to 131°F

Humidity Range

Display: 20% to 90% RH

Sensitivity: +/- 5% RH

Operating: 5% to 95% RH (non condensing)


-31° to 113°F

5% to 95% RH (non condensing)


3-year warranty



In the Box

ecobee3 lite thermostat

ecobee3 lite backplate

Installation guide

Wire labels

Drywall plugs


Optional for installation:

Power Extender Kit (PEK)

Large trim plate

in the box
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Factory Re-Certified ecobee3 lite. Good for your home and the planet.
  • Avoid plastic and e-waste and extend the life of a high-quality product.
  • Guaranteed renewed and reliable thanks to being inspected, re-worked, and re-tested by the original manufacturer.
  • A 3-year warranty is standard for all Factory Re‑Certified ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostats.
  • Save money and up your comfort with our award-winning technology—at a fraction of the price.
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What customers are saying.

Amazon Reviews, 4.8 out of 5 stars

5 stars

Easy To Use and Install

The ecobee3 is a small, light and easy to install thermostat. It looks sleek on the wall, and is quite small compared to the old boxy thermostats. It's touchscreen and very intuitive to use. I like that it works over the WiFi, and doesn't require another hub or device to work with it, like my old Z-wave thermostats. You can control the thermostat with your smartphone, which is the real benefit of these devices. I like having the ability to change the temperature on the fly and not have to walk over to my thermostat. You can program it, or change it via the smartphone whenever you need to. The touchscreen function is one of my favorite features. It's so simple to use that even my non-tech savvy folks can adjust the thermostat if need be. You simply slide your finger up or down and change the temperature...

DD on October 28, 2016
5 stars

the finest customer service department I have ever encountered anywhere.

I'm going to concentrate this review on the installation process. I love the product, it works exactly as described and looks OUTSTANDING once installed. I had to call customer service twice. The first time was because I encountered some unexpected wiring at the furnace, and wanted to run it by a pro before I screwed something up. The wait time for help was zero. I was immediately talking to Patrick, who understood exactly what I was seeing at my furnace, and clearly told me how to proceed. After I had the unit installed, it wouldn't power up, so I had to call back. Once again, there was no wait, and the customer service rep figured out what I'd done wrong by looking at a fuzzy photo of a jumbled nest of wires I emailed him. Color me impressed...

M. Lee on October 9, 2016
5 stars

Easy to set up, easy to use, even for the novice. Does not include sensors.

The highlight of this install was that it took less than an hour to complete with my minimal knowledge of electrical wiring and a few home tools. What a relief! No tedious and time consuming running back and forth from the fuse box in the basement back up to the living room, no false starts, I just hooked it up and it *worked.* I have a heat pump system with a control wire, which is probably ideal for Ecobee since you don't have to use the power extender kit...

Red Replicant on October 1, 2016
5 stars

A rare 5-star product

I only give 5-star ("I love it") reviews occasionally (check my history), reserving the rating for a product I really do love. In this case, I love this thermostat about as much as one can love a thermostat. And this came as a something of a shock to me, since seriously, it's a thermostat - and I've never had one that was better than 3 stars ("It's okay"). During my testing of this thermostat, I contacted Ecobee for help (which was prompt, friendly, and very helpful)...

Melissa Gondek on September 30, 2016
5 stars

Is The ecobee3 lite worth it? First impressions and instalation tips.

I have wanted to replace my older (and uglier) thermostat and finally took the plunge with the ecobee3 lite. I wanted something that looked good, worked good, and would be easy to install. Did the ecobee work out? Short answer: yes! The ecobee3 lite gets five stars in form and function. Installation had a few bumps but this still comes highly recommended...

Buffy on September 29, 2016
5 stars

Slick, easy to setup and efficient.

Super easy to install with the help of the app. Love the way I can turn the aircon on when I'm on my way back home so it's down to temperature when I arrive. I'm sure this alone will repay the cost of it over the years. Looks slick too. Great that it's a Toronto company as well.

Mark Edser on November 1, 2016
5 stars

Never Installed a Thermostat Before - Until Now! So easy.

This was a little daunting of a task to install the product, but I have to say that it went well. My husband and I are not what you would consider A/C experts of electrical experts, but we took this one with excitement and hope. It was an easy install...

Parajunkee on October 19, 2016
5 stars

Wonderful home-automation/thermostat. You need this for your home.

This is a truly wonderful thing. My first step into automating my home. And its beautiful. Installation took me 20 minutes (thats not quite true. Installation took me an hour, but that is because I did not read the instructions and turn off the power - I crossed two wires, had to go to the hardware store, buy a new fuse, install the fuse in the furnace, and continue. Read the instructions!!) Once its connected, it needs to be set up. The user interface is perfect! It was simple, clear and just worked. Once installed, I downloaded the app to phone and table, and then everything just worked. I can control times and temperatures, the device watches local weather reports to prepare for changes! You can tap the screen as you walk past to see the weather forecast! Yes, I know I can do that in my phone, but its so cool to be able to do that on the wall!...

Smart4 on October 8, 2016
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