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There’s a New Smart Doorbell Camera on the Block

The ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera sees what others can’t with an industry-leading vertical field of view, crystal-clear vision and weatherproof design.

by ecobee on 10/17/2023 in News

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ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera against wooden door frame, with person pressing the button.

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Meet the ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera (wired): the doorbell camera that helps you see what others can’t. The new Smart Doorbell camera shows you more of what's happening at your door, day or night, with its expansive 175° vertical field of view.

Plus, real-time notifications for people and packages*? Check. Full 1080p HD quality head-to-toe field of view with built-in radar? Double check. Weatherproof design? Triple check.

Let’s delve into its other top features to see why the new ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera is something to get excited about.

Live view of video from ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera on Smart Thermostat Premium.

See more of what really matters at your door.

Gone are the days when you squinted at blurry images trying to figure out who's at the door. The standout feature of the ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera is its industry-leading crystal-clear head-to-toe field of view. Unlike other smart doorbells, which often have a limited vertical field of view, the Smart Doorbell Camera boasts an expansive 175° vertical field of view. This means you can see more of what matters, including packages and deliveries left right up against your door.

An employee shared that his kids are now going to the thermostat when the doorbell rings to find out who's at the door.

- Greg Fyke, chief product officer at ecobee

Night time view of ecobee Smart Doorbell on ecobee app.

Low light? No problem.

The ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera sure isn’t afraid of the dark. Sure, enhanced low-light performance is a mouthful, but here’s the gist: the powerful sensors use ambient light to depict color detail longer into the evening. That means you get a high-quality color image even as the sun starts to set. And when the moon is out you still get a clear view and peace of mind throughout the night.

Getting a better view also means focusing on what matters. The Smart Focus feature (beta) recognizes when a person enters the frame and automatically pans and zooms to keep them in view without reducing the 1080p quality of the video. Coupled with full HD resolution, the ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera ensures a crystal-clear image. So, whether it’s recognizing the face of a neighbor or the logo on a delivery person’s uniform, you don't miss any important details day or night.

Customer receiving notification on ecobee app of a person at their door.

Smarter alerts for packages and people.

Porch pirates are always on the lookout for packages, which is why the ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera is designed to tell people and packages apart.* That means it’s easy to know when your guests have arrived or when you have packages waiting for you. A different notification for each keeps you fully informed as to what’s happening at your door.

On top of that, using advanced radar verification and setting an activity zone (powered by many layers of intelligence) helps reduce false alerts you might get from a cyclist or a passing car. Customizing the area where the camera detects motion keeps you informed without notifying you about every little leaf that blows by.

Smart Doorbell Camera in the ecobee app.

Unlock even more features with the ecobee smart home.

The Smart Doorbell Camera keeps you informed of everything happening at your door, whether you’re home or away. Answer the door and check in on the live feed anytime, anywhere, all through the ecobee app.

It integrates seamlessly with all ecobee products, including a first-of-its-kind thermostat live view integration on the Smart Thermostat Premium. See who is at your door and talk to them all through your thermostat.

"An employee who was part of our early field trials shared that his kids are now going to the thermostat when the doorbell rings to find out who's at the door," says Greg Fyke, chief product officer at ecobee. "It's such a rewarding, magical kind of thing to be able to influence customer behavior, and keep kids safer because they're not running to the front door anymore."

Plus, with new updates to ecobee Smart Security, Smart Thermostat Premium owners can now arm and disarm their home from the thermostat directly, and set a siren to automatically sound when the system is armed and triggered.

“When we think about how we play in the interconnected home and the ecosystem that we're trying to deliver, it's really about creating a home that is comfortable, safe, resilient, and sustainable,” says Stuart Lombard, president and CEO at ecobee.

A doorbell that’s built to last.

This smart doorbell camera is not just smart, it's tough too. You’ve probably heard this about all our products, but the ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera is built to last. It's made from high-quality materials and backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Unlike many other wired video doorbells that need batteries to work, the Smart Doorbell Camera is designed without a battery in the doorbell itself to withstand extreme temperatures, from -13 to 113°F (-25 to 45°C), with IP65 waterproofing and dust protection. Instead, the battery is in the chime adapter, which is installed inside the home, and provides power to the in-home chime.

"I have a Smart Doorbell Camera that's been on the front of my house for at least 18 months while we've been testing," said Brendan Coady, senior product manager at ecobee. "It has survived through two hurricanes, a humid summer, and a frigid winter here in Halifax. We've put it through its paces and this product is built for for that kind of environment. We expect it to last the test of time."

It has survived through two hurricanes, a humid summer, and a frigid winter here in Halifax.

- Brendan Coady, senior product manager at ecobee

Keypad integration on ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium with ecobee Smart Security.

Take home security further.

The ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera is a game-changer when it comes to home security. With its industry-leading field of view, enhanced low-light performance, smart detection, and durable design, it's an investment worth considering.

And with an ecobee Smart Security Standard subscription you get access to package detection, photo alerts, and 30-day video storage for one camera. Upgrade to Smart Security Complete for 30-day video storage for unlimited cameras in one home, plus 24/7 professional monitoring (U.S. only).

Add an ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium and SmartSensor for doors and windows to your Smart Doorbell Camera and you'll have everything you need to get started with home security, with entry and exit notifications, an automatic siren, and a keypad to allow trusted guests to disarm or arm your home.

The Total Security and Savings bundle, includes the thermostat, sensors and doorbell camera, for $399 USD, for $90 USD worth of savings, or $534.99 CAD for $115 CAD in savings.

Home at night with ecobee devices and packages.

Whether you're at home or away, you can rest assured that the ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera has your front step covered, day or night.

*Requires an ecobee Smart Security subscription.

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