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Outsmart Porch Pirates: ecobee's Innovative Solution to a Growing Problem

Safeguard your deliveries and your home with ecobee’s “I Loathe Porch Pirates” bundle and stealth shipping method.

by ecobee on 06/03/2024 in Smart Home & Tech

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Today, home deliveries are part of our everyday lives - from groceries to gadgets, everything arrives at our doorstep. However, this convenience has a downside – porch piracy. These modern-day pirates stealthily raid and plunder our porches, leaving us frustrated and at a loss financially.
According to a recent report by the home-security platform, porch pirates managed to steal approximately $8 billion in merchandise in 2023 alone. At ecobee, we are committed to putting an end to this growing problem.

Introducing the “I Loathe Porch Pirates” Bundle

Our commitment to security has led us to reimagine our Total Security and Savings Bundle as the “I Loathe Porch Pirates” Package. This comprehensive security solution includes our top-of-the-line cameras, sensors, and smart home devices designed to protect your home from intruders and porch pirates alike. But we didn’t stop there. To truly protect your deliveries, we needed to think outside the box—literally.

Pirate-Proof Deliveries: The Stealth Shipping Concept

One of the standout features of our new campaign is the revolutionary stealth shipping method. Recognizing that even the best security systems are useless if your package is stolen before you can install them, we devised an innovative solution that ensures your ecobee products reach you securely.

ecobee packaging disguised as a recycling bin on a front door step.

Introducing Our Discreet Box Designs

Innovative Packaging: Our discreet box designs mimic everyday household items, seamlessly blending into doorstep.

Strategic Label Placement: Shipping labels are strategically placed on inconspicuous locations, such as the bottom of the box, to keep your deliveries hidden from porch pirates.

Durable Materials: Made from (deceptively) durable and sustainable materials, our packaging ensures your ecobee products are protected and inconspicuous during transit.

__What’s Included in the Bundle: __

1 × Smart Doorbell Camera (wired): Keep an eye on your front porch and receive alerts whenever someone approaches your door, ensuring you’re always aware of who’s there.

1 × Smart Thermostat Premium: Manage your home’s temperature efficiently, saving on energy bills while maintaining comfort. 1 × SmartSensor: Monitor key areas of your home to detect any unusual activity.

2 × SmartSensor for doors and windows: Secure your entry points and receive alerts if they’re opened unexpectedly.

1 free month of ecobee Smart Security subscription: Gain access to advanced security features, including professional monitoring and automated emergency dispatch.

Images of ecobee products on a front door step that is included in the I Loath Porch Pirates Bundle

By integrating these state-of-the-art devices into your home, you’re not just investing in security—you’re investing in peace of mind. With our innovative stealthshipping method, your packages will arrive safely, undetected by porch pirates.

__The Impact of Enhanced Security __

By integrating our state-of-the-art advanced security technology with our stealth shipping method, we bring a dual layer of protection to your home. Our cameras and sensors not only deter potential thieves, but also ensure your ecobee delivery remains untouched before you install the products.

Join the Movement: No More Porch Pirates

At ecobee, we’re dedicated to enhancing your home’s security and providing peace of mind – every step and delivery stop on the way. "I Loathe Porch Pirates" is our latest effort to tackle the growing issue of porch piracy. Say "Ahoy!” to secure, worry-free deliveries with ecobee’s "I Loathe Porch Pirates" bundle.

Shop now and make porch piracy a thing of the past!

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