ecobee Haven
The home monitoring service that enhances ecobee devices from $7/month.

  • Come and go freely without codes, keypads, or false alarms
  • Gain assurance with smoke alarm detection
  • Feel relief, knowing when family have made it home
  • Get notified of any unexpected entries
  • See the full story with 30-day video history

See how Haven connects your whole home for total comfort and peace of mind.

Watch our explainer video.

An image split into four quadrants. In the top left quadrant is a SmartCamera. In the top right quadrant is a SmartSensor. In the bottom left quadrant is a SmartSensor for doors and windows. In the bottom right quadrant is a SmartThermostat

Come and go freely without keypads, codes, or false alarms.

Forgot your wallet? Haven is smart enough to know it’s you, and automatically disarm itself. You can even arm and disarm the system using your voice.

  • Your family’s phones are recognized by the system using Wi-Fi and geofencing technology, so you’ll never set off the alarm1
  • Disarm remotely to allow access to trusted guests.
  • All you need is a SmartThermostat or SmartCamera.

Know that the kids arrived home safely.

Rest assured that your children made it home when you’re away. Receive a notification the moment a family member enters the home and automatically disarms the system.

  • All you need is a SmartThermostat or SmartCamera.

New feature: Pause when doors or windows open
Go ahead, leave a window open.

Get comfortable without wasting energy. If a window or door is left open for 5 minutes ecobee will automatically turn off your AC and notify you, helping reduce your energy bill and help the environment.

For the Pause when doors or windows open feature, you will need:

  • 2 ecobee SmartSensors on a door and window.

    1. SmartSensor for doors and windows ($99.99 per 2-pack)

    The sensor notices that your door or window is open. Learn more about ecobee's SmartSensors for doors & windows.

  • An ecobee SmartThermostat mounted on a wall.

    2. An ecobee smart thermostat
    ($169.99 - $329.99)

    Your thermostat automatically turns off your HVAC system to save money and energy. Learn more about thermostats.

  • A phone screen shows a notification from ecobee.

    3. Haven home monitoring subscription (only $7/month)

    You get a notification via ecobee Haven and the system starts again after the entryway is closed. Learn more about Haven.

Learn more about this feature

Get notified of unexpected entries.

SmartSensor for doors and windows can easily be placed on the important entryways to your home and will notify you if they are opened unexpectedly.

  • 1. Contact sensor detects that a door or window is opened.

  • 2. You automatically receive a notification on your phone.

  • 3. You can check in with the system and act accordingly.

See who really knocked over the plant.

Haven adds 30-day video storage to your SmartCamera with voice control2, giving you confidence and assurance so you won't miss a thing. Have multiple SmartCameras? Our extended tier offers video storage for unlimited cameras for $14/month.
Learn more about how ecobee protects your privacy.

Indoor security camera sees the dog knock over a flowerpot in the living room.
Indoor security camera sees the dog knock over a flowerpot in the living room.

SmartCamera as baby monitor
Remember these moments.

Share clips with loved ones for $7/month with the Haven
home monitoring subscription.

  • A happy baby in a crib.

    How did your baby sleep?

    Review recordings from last night for total peace of mind.

  • A dad plays with his baby, while the ecobee SmartCamera looks on in the background.

    Store and share your precious memories.

    30-day video storage gives you deeper insight into your baby’s life, and allows you to share important photos and clips with family and friends.

  • A little girl plays with her baby sibling on a couch.

    Built to grow with your family.

    Continue to keep your family safe as your child grows, by transforming your SmartCamera into a home monitoring solution.

Protect the places you hold dear with smoke alarm detection.

Get a mobile notification if SmartCamera or SmartThermostat detects a smoke alarm sound when you're out. This allows you to check in and act quickly to avoid potential property damage.

A phone screen shows a notification from ecobee that says "Smoke alarm alert- My home: We detected a smoke alarm sound while your home was armed."
light background coloring
$249.99$169.97 in total savings
Get everything you need and save money with the Home Security Solution
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Privacy secured with woman closing a briefcase over sensitive print data.

Your privacy is paramount.

Data privacy and security is at the heart of all ecobee products and services. With Haven, your account is kept secure with two factor authentication, and non-family members can’t disarm your home. With SmartCamera, all of your video is encrypted and securely processed on-device without being uploaded to the cloud.

See what others have to say

"With all of these features in place, the Ecobee Haven might become the streamlined, cohesive smart home that has been promised since the start."

- Digital Trends

Frequently asked questions

* $7/month on Essential tier and $14/month on Extended tier after free trial. No commitment. Plan automatically renews after trial until cancelled. Free trial not available in Quebec.

1Described feature requires members of the household to be logged in to the ecobee app on their devices with location sharing enabled.

2 If you have multiple cameras, then video storage for all of them is only $14/month.

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