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Feature Friday: Sensor Participation

by on June 12, 2015

ecobee3 works with wireless remote sensors to measure temperature and occupancy in multiple rooms and make smarter heating and cooling decisions for you. They keep you comfortable while saving you money. 

With the release of the ecobee3 firmware 3.6, ecobee customers have been able to choose which sensors should be used in each of the Comfort Settings in their thermostat schedules. This gives you the unprecedented control you have come to expect from ecobee.

Let’s look at an example with a family that purchased the ecobee3 smarter bundle (which comes with 3 remote sensors) and placed the sensors in: the family room, the kitchen, and the master bedroom.

  • In this case, you can tell your ecobee3 to use the temperature and occupancy data from only the kitchen in the morning during the Home Comfort Setting.
  • Then, tell it to use the information from all three sensors and the ecobee3 to calculate an average home temperature during your Away Comfort Setting.
  • From 5 PM until 7:30 PM, it could use the temperature reading in your kitchen, and heat or cool the house to keep the kitchen comfortable while you cook and eat dinner.
  • From 7:30 PM until 11 PM it will use the remote sensor in your family room to keep you and your family comfortable while you watch TV.
  • Finally, from 11 PM until you wake up in the morning it will use the sensor in the master bedroom during the Sleep Comfort Setting, so you can rest easy knowing ecobee3 is working hard while you sleep.

Note: During the Sleep Comfort Setting, the sensors will still detect occupancy however, Smart Away will not be activated if you are in a Sleep Comfort Setting. ecobee3 knows that you are sleeping and will not trigger the motion sensors.

If you have enabled Follow Me, ecobee3 will take the average of all sensors participating if no motion is detected (even in a Sleep Comfort Setting). If you have enabled Follow Me, make sure to select the sensor in the bedroom to participate during the Sleep Comfort Setting for maximum comfort.

On your ecobee3 and in the mobile app under Settings > Sensors > you can see icons and temperature next to each sensor. The following image shows what the various remote sensor status icons mean. 


To create a new Comfort Setting, select the Schedule tile on your Web Portal. In the bottom right corner, you can select New Comfort Setting. Follow the onscreen steps and prompts to create a new setting. Be sure to add it to your schedule by selecting the Add Activity button.

Comfort Sett

Please note: you must have at least one sensor participate in each comfort setting (by default this will be the sensor in your ecobee3 thermostat).

Just as you can select which sensors participate in Comfort Settings, you can select which don’t participate. This is useful if you want to monitor the temperature in specific rooms in the house without them impacting the ecobee3 heating and cooling decisions. For example, you can place one in the garage, or in the wine cellar to keep an eye on your vintages. 

To configure your sensor participation settings, select Menu > Sensors > Sensor Name > Participation and select all of the Comfort Settings you want this sensor to participate in.

You can also navigate to Menu > Comfort Settings > Select a Comfort Setting > and choose all of the sensors you want to participate in this Comfort Setting.